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I feel like buying this template it looks really exciting but I have several questions.
1. Does this template have smth like quick start package? Is it easy to install it for the beginers?
2. Does this template look the same way as on demo version after installing? Are all images included?
Thank you very much.

I can not finish installation of the template, the last step to delete the installion directory has failed. I don't see neither CLEAN UP button for automatic deleting, nor files htaccess.bak / php.ini.bak and kickstart.php to rename and delete them correspondently manually.
Could you please write where these files are located or how can I finish template installation in other way. Thank you very much in advance.
thank you for a piece of advice, I tried deleting the installation folder, unfortunately no progress. Some error appears, please see it visiting my website Could you please sprecify which file exactly I shall delete and its location, if it is not the whole folder Installation.
Thank you very much for your help und understanding.
could you please advise me how to
1. change the promo video to my own one
2. change the rolling over images in the section Our latest Projects on the home page.
3. I changed the images of the second (lower) slider, when I click those images (or click them in the blog, e.g. the correspondent article opens with the default images like in the demo version (please see, there are no my images. How can I correct this?
4. where can I make the settings of contact form, I do not get messages from the website to my email
5. Is it possible to change the text "Congratulations! Your message was sent successfully"?
Thank you very much for your suport.
Best Regards,
I'm sorry, please skip the question #3, I have found out the solution, I was inattentive and missed the necessary button. Thanks!
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Kingsly PT
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