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Hello such pleasure to meet you.
Buy the template as002027 "Extended License" and I have problems to show my client the design of the main page that you show in the template demo at:
my problem is that I have tried placing items in the set to three colemnas home and not come out like this in the template you buy them, that is, the four columns and below text with black background, In-law placed the items featured three columns out one below the other, the footer is shredded and aesthetically literally looks awful.
Basically when I place featured articles and placed three columns the footer is dropped. Note: only managed to set the slider, the position module 6,7 and 8, about the three columns of items in the home is what I need.

pueden ver el prototipo aqui:
If you would like to have your site looks like our demo preview you have install it using the quick-start package.

Regarding the featured articles and footer, we don't see any published articles on your home page, so we can't help you in this case, but we think that the problem may be related to the html tags in your articled, probably you missed some <div> closing tags, or you put content from Microsoft Word document.

Regards, AS Team.
Hi can articulate the three columns as is the demo of the template. Now my problem is this: it turns out the number 6 position when active move positions 7, 8, 9 and slider in firefox browser, move to the left deforming the template, please check the link and let them Check it with firefox.
tell me that I can do about it thanks.
You have too much items in your top right menu, please try to delete 2 last:
Grupos musicales
Música original para TV, Teatro y Cine

Regards, AS Team.
Thanks for the help, I did what I was told and the problem was solved.
Hi I have a problem in my test domain, that is, here at this address:
the rating 9 went without any problem as I saw in the demo of the template. And here: in the direction where I am installing my client template position 9 does not have the background and na like demo template, would be so kind to help me thanks
Sorry, your site is offline, we have to see the problem.

Regards, AS Team.
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