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Hello. I have the same template in 1.6 when it first came out. If I download 1.7 will it delete everything and will I have to start from scratch? and will I have to purchase new license?
Only in case if you made any changes in the source code. We tested it in the Joomla 2.5 version, deleted an old template version, installed a new - all worked fine, all settings were saved.
The new template version you can download from Purchased Items' section of your AS Template account.

Regards, AS Team.
Hello. It's ok I bought the new one just in case. But I am having trouble with a few things:
1- everything looks ok on the front but when I log in on the frontend, I get articles that I cannot even find in the articles [eg. I get joomla, beginngers, upgraders' and I don't have those in the articles section. They are not showing anywhere except when I log in on the frontend.

2- when I posted an article and made it featured, it works fine on the front page but when I click on 'Read more' button it gives me entire front page again with the full article. Somehow modules in position 3,4,20,22 all show up even though each module is set to show on front page only.

3- lastly, when I created a blog page under one of my menu items and created a category for it, and I try to post to the blog page via 'the category', it does not show up.

Any ideas?
1. Probably the status of those articles are unpublished, try to look in the featured articles.
2. Yes your are right, when you click on the ”Read More” button it should show you a whole article.
Regarding the modules, please check the assignment one more time, they definitely assigned to the other pages in some place.
3. Please provide us with the blog URL, we have to see the problem.

Regards, AS Team.
The site is So here are the issues as mentioned in my comment before but I will repeat here:

The problem is this:
1- when you click on ”Read more” in the article in the center [not the modules] you will find that it takes you to the entire page again but with the full article. All modules are there although I have those modules specified for home page only. The only ones that work correctly are the Main Menu ones. If you click on those it just takes you to that menu item. Otherwise if you click on the links in position 13 or on the main article, it takes you to entire page again.

2-Modules 22 and 20 keep repeating on those same pages. They should be only on front page but they keep repeating with the exception again of the pages under the main menu.

3- position 9, 10 and 11 also keep repeating although they should only be on Home page. [I have specified their positions and specified which pages they should be on, but they still keep showing on all]

4- any blog, does not give me a blog layout. I created a blog layout for one of my pages and put it in a category, and tried posting to it with that category but it did not work.

5- for the Home page blog, when I put the featured articles for it to show there, it gives me entire page again when I click ”Read more”
We answered on your first questions, regarding the blog please provide us with a direct link, because we don't see it in the menu.

Regards, AS Team.
Hi. No you have not responded really. You said the read more should give just the article but it is not. That was my point from the beginning. It does not give the article only. It keeps giving the modules although all modules are set to show only on Home. Is there another place besides 'show on select pages' that could have the modules showing on all pages? and why are they showing when I click on articles from the first page whereas if I click on an article from a link on another article it does not show?

As for the blog, I removed the blog. It was under 'Current' at the top right menu but I removed it because it was not working. I can reinstate it but what will that tell you unless you get into the site and see it? the category was also 'current' and when I made an article as 'current' it did not show up on the Current blog.

Again the site is
Never mind. I resolved it with an extension called Advanced Module Manager.
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