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Dear AS Team,

Great template, congratulations and thanks!

If my website - with this template installed - is viewed on a mobile device with iOS, there is a slightly different styling/look than on a Mac/PC. In standard viewing mode on a PC or Mac there is a white space between the content and the left side of the browser window. The same side on a mobile device with iOS has no white space on the left side. The content is directly attached to the left side of the browser window.

Is there a chance to configure the template styling for mobile devices as well?

Hello CHRONOS069,
Sorry, there is no such option in current version, we are going to make update for this template in few weeks, the new version should be OK with iOS, but it will take time.

Regards, AS Team.

Great template, good work!

I updated my website with the previous template version with this new one.

Now, after the upgrade, the module on position 9 has white background instead of a grey/black background. But I can't find the correct configuration to switch back the old background color.

Also the text color in position 53 switched to grey instead of black.

Can you assist me, where to configure these two issues correctly?

Thanks and regards,
Hello CHRONOS069,

For position 9 you have to set background pattern in the:
Template Configuration Parameters ->
Header Configuration Parameters ->
Slider Modules Row ->
Bottom Custom Position Parameters.
We used the following pattern from the media images folder:

For changing the font color for the position 53 please use Footer Configuration Parameters -> Row 2 -> Get In Touch Font Color.

Regards, AS Team.
The next question, sorry for that.

How can a menu module on position 54 (Facebook, YouTube link-icons) ordered horizontally instead of vertically (default)?

Thanks and regards,
Hello CHRONOS069,
We used Custom HTML module in this position, please see the following article for more info (Footer - Positions 54 - Custom HTML Module):

Regards, AS Team.
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