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I have updated my joomla install to run on PHP 7.2... I need the updated unite revo slider sent to me so that it works correctly.
Information for my purchase is below... you should indeed see it under this account, as I can see it on my end.

Item Name: PT Builder - Regular License
Item Type: Construction Joomla Template
Purchase Date: 29 August 2017
Last Download: 29 August 2017
We are sorry, your license for downloading the item is expired, the license grants you access to download the item/design for a period of 365 days (90 days for selected clubs) after the date of purchase. During this period, the item/design will be upgraded regularly and your license grants you permission to download these upgrades.
For more info please see our terms:

Regards, AS Team.
Item Name:
PT Builder
Item Version:
Regular License
This item may be used for a single domain only.
Extended License

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