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Hi Kelvin
Back (yet again) to check on something else.

What's the situation regarding the extensions that come bundled with your templates - specifically Quix & the Unite Slider? I'm trying to get Quix updates but can't on their own site as I didn't buy it through them. Do you provide updates or are those only available free for the first year with your templates?

Hi Kelvin
Do you have an updated template available for J4 or at least one to work with J3.10 as my sites saying mine's now out of date. Oh & any of the extensions with it e.g. Quix etc too if there are any., Thanks
Hi guys
Just checking back for an answer to my previous enquiry in case you missed it :)
Thanks so much for that f/b - I've decided against going up to J4 for a while yet as I'd rather give everything time to get more settled on that front I think - at the min, I still have too many items waiting for updates to be safe on it.

Joomla wants an updated ETChurch template to progress to 3:10 - will the free one be ok to use for that purpose. Obviously I don't want anything overwriting settings in the current template :).

Appreciated :)

Just coming back on the update issue as we're now ready to update to J4 but it's still stating we need the ETChurch template updated - can you provide me with download details for that? Also any other ones we'd likely need e.g. Quix and Unite slideshow etc.
Thanks :)
Ahh ok - probably explains why my Test site's been falling all over itself trying to cope! I've just renewed & downloaded the template package.

Hi again,
I'm still in a rather awkward position in that I really need to update our site to PHP 8 rather than the 7,4 it's currently on. but we;re not yet in a position to upgrade to Joomla 4. Is there any way to have just an updated template provided alone for the J3 site (or is there a way to extract that from your J4 package as I did download that before but as it's a QS package I couldn't see an easy way to do it?),

You probably know that updating to PHP 8 will otherwise cause this eror:

array_merge() does not accept unknown named parameters"

Hi guys
Since upgrading our site to J4 and PHP8 I now have a CSS issue affecting a calendar extension (JCalPro). I contacted them regarding it but they've said that the issue is coming from the template.

Could you advise me on an override or fix as it's proving a frustrating problem in that anyone viewing the calendar can't see the dates for events & assume it's a calendar glitch so miss things.

Site again is at and the calendar in question is down in the footer.
So I tried the site with the Casseopia template and the JCP calendar works perfectly with it showing all event dates in blue. Switched back to the ETChurch template & they disappear completely again.

So I take it JCP were right & it's this template that's conflicting somehow?

Thanks :)
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