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I am trying to convert my website to this template. For some reason the menu bar will not show up correctly. It shows up as a list going down the whole webpage rather than buttons going across the bar. I'm sure there is a simple setting somewhere that I am missing but I can not figure it out for the life of me. How do I make the menu show up correctly? I can email pictures if you would like to show you what I mean.
I bought this template recently and experienced two problems:
In pages starting with text there is a small white space covering the text after the third character. (eg. )
On some pages Breadcrumps does not show up. I don't see differences with other pages.

Please help me to solve this.
For your information: In the meantime I solved the problem withe the breadcrumps.
Thank you. This did the trick.
Hello, I would like to know if it is possible to have the entire template in full as you show, even if I later modify the images and replace them with my own. I downloaded the test template and it doesn't work out exactly the same, I don't know if it's because it's the free template but if that's the problem I would be willing to buy the complete template. I will only acquire the complete template if all the elements shown in said template are exactly the same as the demo that is located in the following link:
Thank you very much for your help.

Best Regards
Francisco Martinez
Founding CEO
Nova IT Technology Solutions Group
Ho acquistato il template chiesa e con mia meraviglia invece dei file ZIP ho Trovato Un salvataggio AKEBA mi domando se non è possibile avere i soliti file ZIP che non richiedono programmi particolari per essere estratti?
Grazie Ceresa Emilio
Hi guys
Back again :). Once more looking a little bit of help. Given the size and complexity of the template, I'm stuck on the location for some items I want to change, as well as being unsure whether they're managed by the Template itself or by Quix, Unite etc

Basically all I'm after currently is how to change the depth of the Title module section where I've put the Breadcrumbs (as I couldn't find any other option for placement in that area? I just want it to be the actual depth of the text rather than having the white space above.

This site is very much still in (prob long term!) development as it's taken me months to figure out how to use Quix :) so any help I can get in figuring out these kinds of issues saves me a lot of time.

Romayne :)
Thanks guys - I've minimal idea on CSS styling but hopefully enough to go & fill in the blanks - truly appreciate the help as I know it's not your role to do so :)

I want to change the colors of the main menu background from black into (colored) light and the characters in the tabs from white into black.
Can you give the css solution for this?
I would be happy.

BTW my account did not work anymore so I created a new one.
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