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Good morning.

I install your template for my website:
All is perfect, I love it. Just I got an issue with the contact form. It writes "thanks for your email" on the page, but I don't receive any email.
Same when I enter my own email and click on "receive a copy of this email" I don t receive anything... I spent the week end on it,
I m giving up, can you give me some tips?

thanks a lot
Hello NIKKO74,
We think you have some mail configuration problems, please check the following page, hope it will help you:

Regards, AS Team.
Thanks a lot for your fast answer.
if I follow exactly your link, when I send a text from the form I ll get the error message: SMTP connect() failed.

But, if I keep PHP mail as mailer, not any error message.
Even in Joomla Global Configuration/ Mail setting, when I click on the "send test email" , I got this message "The email was sent successfully to using PHP Mail. You should check that you've received the test email."

But I don t receive any emails...

Have you an idea to help me?

thanks a lot
Hello NIKKO74,
Try to use another email, the best will be your hosting email, you will be able to check your server email logs and find the problem.

Regards, AS Team.
Hi, thanks a lot for answering me.

It s now ok, the problem was on my hosting website side.
I face another problem now, I did the website in french and englsih. It s working pretty well except for the " what we offer " and " what s new " module.
I duplicated the module, the category and article to have the main one for all languagues, a french one and an english one.
But when I click on "read more" it will display my text under the module position instead of opening a new window.
Any clue?

here is my website: if you want to check.
thank you so much
I found the solution, so sorry.
Please deleted my comments...
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