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Hello astemDesign3
The best way is upload the updated files using your FTP, in the version 2.2.1 we updated 2 files only:


Regards, AS Team.
The readmore does not work on my site:
When I put an readmore item with the button, the menu on left go to the bottom of the page and the footer does not display correctly.
How can I correct that.
I eliminate all the code in the article and it works very fine when the articles does not contain a ”readmore” but if I put a ”readmore” on one of the article it break the display.
Thank you in advance. You have already work on it and you says to me that the articles was not correct. I correct all the articles and I identify that it is the button ”readmore”
I find the problem. In JCE (editor) I put a div for my container and now I disabled this feature but I try it with p before and all works fine.
The slideshow does not work on my home page. It works fine on all other pages.
I have one article in the home page and I use Joomla 1.7.2
I had also 10 images in the slide show and I choose on all pages.
How can I correct that?
The slideshow does not work at all when I click on home page only.
Please check the following:
1. The home page should contains at least one featured article.
2. If you have installed/published any module in position 3, the built-in slider will not be shown.
I do not indcate the page for the problem of slideshow on home page.
Thank you in advance for your help.
So, on which page you have a problem?
On my frontpage the slideshow does not work at all.
If I indicate only on my frontpage, it does not work on all pages.
If I indicate on all pages, it works on all pages exception of the front page. I had already sent a comment about that .
You want what page ????? On front page at

Thank you in advance .


The home page should contains at least one featured article.
Please see How To page for more info:

The home page had a featured article. I use Joomla 1.7.2 is it the problem?
We checked your page, it does not have a featured article.
Ok I try with another article WITHOUT the video in it and it works. I understand that if I put a video in article it does not work.
Am I correct with this explanation? And can I correct that or not?
Ok I find the reason of the problem. I clean all my html code in the feature article of the front page and I keep my video but without any div and it works fine.

It was the last article with my html code for detecting the speed of connection and the type of connection but it seems to work very well with scripts on other place.

On another place, I had found also that any div in html code breaks the layout of the blog if I put an readmore.

Thank you.
I download from my account the updated version but if I want to preserve my adjustment, how can I do the upgrade?
Did you made changes in the template's source code?
Yes I had made changes in the code.
Yes, you will need to make changes.
When I click for disconnecting me : Notify me when a comment is posted. It does not work.
I do not want to receive NOW the other comment. Perhaps later but it does not work.
Thank you.
We will check and resolve this issue asap.
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