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Is there anywhere to find the correct vertical position %'s for the number of images on the slider controls (template manager) to use if we don't use 3? If not can you get me the correct number for 4, 5 and 6 images.
The size of the images in this template is fixed: 700x300 px.

Regards, AS Team.
That wasn't what I was looking for, but I managed to figure it out myself. I was talking the options on the template itself where 4 images should be at 48.25 or so for vertical position % of the slider (Default is set to 50 for 3 images). I will adjust this as necessary but I thought u guys had a list of exact positioning for image numbers.

I do have another question that I can't seem to figure out. It seems like it would be easy. I have a box that pops up that is under the welcome, services, and bestsellers area. It is a plain box with only where i navigate to: home, articles, etc.

How do I stop this from having it say home, articles, or whatever in that area and just have the article title.
We have to see it, can you please provide us with an URL?
For those wondering: found my answer:

Under the main menu go to Home menu. Than go down to page display options, its called show page header: turn it to not show.
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