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Where do I change the Hex color value for the color choices if I do not like the ones you have chosen? For example, Forest is not the color green I want to use so I want to play with hex values to get the color I am looking for related to that menu pick
You can change them by creating your own css classes and putting in the custom.css file.

Regards, AS Team.
Can you tell me the hex code for the style colors on this template. I want to create a border for my slider that matches.
Sorry, there are a lot of styles and colors, all colors you can find in the css files. Which one do you need please?

Regards, AS Team.
I need the Forest and the royal. Or you can tell me specifically where in the CSS files I can find them and I can sort this out if that is easier than giving me the hex values. There are only 8 or 10 correct?

This is my first Joomla site and I am very new to Joomla so I do not intuitively know where to look. I have 3 more sites to construct for my own business and this was the training tool. Knowing your templates a little better helps in my future choices. Thks
We are going to release an updated today which will allow you to change color scheme using the template parameters.

Regards, AS Team.
Yes I see the announcement. I like the look of the new template much better. I am on a deadline to launch my new site by the end of Oct and I am pretty much done but due to the dramatic differences in the new one, it will take a lot more work than I have time for to implement these changes. I am new to Joomla and everything happens slowly for me. I do not know css so basically I input content and am able to change very little in a custom manner.

I want to launch using the old template so I am on time, then work on Local Host to implement the new template. I am uncertain how best to do this.

If I install the new template, does it overwrite the old or add the new as an additional template?

How can I best accomplish the launch and the later development of this new template?
In case to install the new template you have uninstall the old template version, sorry, there is no other option.

Regards, AS Team.
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