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Hi, got a quick question about menus. When I hover over a parent menu the sub menus are cramped up and partially hidden. How do i make the sub menu section extend to fit the text in on 1 line.
You have to change the submenu width in the template.css file, please look for:
#header #topmenu ul and #header #topmenu ul li
Is there a way to have the slider display different images on different pages?
This slider doesn't have such option.
Hi, I am trying to replace your image slider with a different so that i have the option to display different pictures on different pages. When I select position-3 though it isn't showing the module. Any ideas as to why?
We have to check it, can you please contact us through the ”Contact Us” page and provide with an access to the Joomla admin panel?

Regards, AS Team.
Hello Guys, question about the logo.

I want to make a logo between 250px by 250 and 300px by 300. Problem is that at this size the logo moves down and covers the search bar. What do i need to search for in the CSS to move the logo up and have it fit nicely in the black space.

Thanks for all your help
Hello badback1987,
As we understand you have to change it on the pages where is the slider enabled, if so, you have to edit slider.css file, please look for the following classes and change the width:

#slideshow .border
#slideshow #slider

Regards, AS Team.
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