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I just downloaded the template file but i am unable to unzip using winzip. Is there any thing else the temple file require to be unzipped.
Can you please let us know the size of the downloaded package, we think it was corrupted during downloading.

Regards, AS Team.
O many thanks. It was actually corrupted while downloading. I have fixed it already.
I have successfully installed the template in my site. I did that effortlessly. Thanks so much.

I have some problem with customizing the articles and menus. Can you be of assistance?

When you click as follows: about>>history, you will see a list of articles on the page that is displayed, with the heading "HISTORY"
From where can i edit the text, "HISTORY"?

Can you please provide us with site URL?

Regards, AS Team.

Is there a little comprehensive guide/tutorial that can help one navigate one's way while using the template.

I am saying this because of continual need to change/edit any aspect of the template? I am familiar with Joomla but not a guru yet.


Sorry, we can't open the following URL :

You can put domain information in domain text box in your AS Templates account. As well you can provide us with an access to joomla admin panel via Special Info.

You can find some information here:

Regards, AS Team.

The History is Category Title. See Main Menu -> History -> Category -> Category Title.

Regards, AS Team.
Just want to say that I am enjoying the template. I have solved alot of my problem by learning the configurations in the template.

Let me finish with the much I know and I will get back to you for further assistance, if the need be.

How can I help resell the temates?
What are the benefits of being a clucb member?

1.We are not allow resell our items, but you can enjoy affiliate program, if you interesting :

2.Go to
Click on one of 4 available clubs related to author.
Click for example AS Designing - 97 Club Items.
You can see and chose one of the available clubs membership. Each club has it special benefits.

Regards, AS Team.
Good day.
I noticed the following with the template:
1. I cant find module for REGISTRATION.
2. Configuring link with Art Slider is not working.
and as a result of the non inclusion of REGISTRATION module, one cannot restrict access to any of the pages or publications
What is your website url please? Have you installed it using quick-start installation package?

Regards, AS Team.
The login module you can find on '/index.php/blog/blog-1-column' page, the registration you have to enable in your Joomla admin panel -> Users -> Manage -> Options page.

The slider documentation you can preview here:

Regards, AS Team.
Thanks, i just enabled User registration( via Users -> Manage -> Options page.)But i cant still the module for registration. What could i have done to make it show among modules?
See 'Create an account' in the Login Form.

Regards, AS Team.
I have seen "create account and " in the login. Now how can one leave a registration link at the front end, so that visitors don't have to look for registration button. I have seen this come as module in other temples

Still on the Art Slider. I have configured the parameters, but there is no text showing on the slides, and as a result no link to click to read full articles.

Please help
Hi, linking the Art Slider issue is still unresolved. Can i give you my login details, as I am unable to solve the issue yet?

I was able to set the slider up but not able to link it.

Please follow the slider documentation here:

Regards, AS Team.
Thanks for the response. It might interest you to note that I have actually gone through the documentation step by step, and I was able to get it set up, but not the linking.
I have adjusted the settings but yet to get it function.
Can you help me check it up?
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