Gradium - One page multipurpose HTML template

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Gradium is a fully responsive one page multipurpose HTML5 template. Have this HTML5 template with a corporate, business feel. Can be also upgraded into e-commerce site or use as a portfolio site. It has 2 versions to choose from, depending on your needs. Each has its own header/navigation style.

This one page multipurpose HTML5 template is clean, responsive and easy to use. Simple yet playful due to its colors, totally modern and eye caching, and you don't need anything to import, we mean it has everything. HTML5 & CSS3 Validated.

One page Template Features

1. Simple (with elegant touch, based on font used: 'Rosha One' by Google Fonts) Basic.

  • Few Links (1-6 links) on Navigation available, no Sub-menus
  • Slider not available
  • For those who cater few products, up to six slots available (it's up to you to add or go to complex version)
  • In the ZIP package, additional pages include:
    - 1 product list page (list view only)
    - 1 product overview page (in the demo version, it's all the same: static boxes w/ button to product list page ("Other Products section"))
  • Best for small sites, can be also use as a Portfolio site.

2. Complex (strictly business type, based on font used: 'Open Sans' by Google Fonts) Upgraded.

  • More links with submenus available on navigation/menu header
  • Slider available (Slick Slider*) - for testimonials or can be applied to banner section
  • For those who cater a lot of products, up to more than six slots available
  • In the ZIP package, additional pages include:
    - 1 product list page (with grid and list view options)
    - 3 product overview page with different features on "Other Products" section (You will got almost everything in the complex demo except for the images) "Other Products" preview/link section features (3 products (or boxes) are shown by default):
    - product overview 1: show/hide more products
    - product overview 2: static w/ button leading to product list page
    - product overview 3: slider type w/ button leading to product list page
  • Best for sites leading to e-commerce type or medium-sized website

Common Features:

  • Lightbox (product section, homepage)
  • Free additional page (About Page)
  • All with 2-3 columns for content

One page multipurpose HTML template
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