Hello AS-Team

A very nice template you have designed here ...

But unfortunately I have some problems, and I hope you know a solution for this.

For one thing I need the page as PHP and not as HTML version.
I have also been able to implement this conditionally.

My main problem is but I need for the menu an additional parameter which tells me on which side I am. I need the information for various PHP functions.

In your version is calling the page
<Li id = "menu-item-contact" class = "menu-item scroll"> <a href="#contact"> contact </a> </ li>

I need the menu entry but so
<Li id = "menu-item-contact"> <a href="index.php?id=107#contact"> contact </a> </ li> or
<Li id = "menu-item-contact"> <a href="?id=107#contact"> contact </a> </ li>

In this case, the following happens: The page does not scroll downwards or upwards to the desired content; instead, the background image of the first page appears briefly, and the desired content is displayed directly.

I can live with it directly the desired content is displayed without the page to scroll there (but which would be nice), but it may not be the first background image to be displayed.

I can also send you my current design (test page) private.