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I bought this template and installed it using the documentation provided however I cannot get the site to look like the demo site. Please can you help.

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Dont worry about the previous comment - I have managed to installed the site with the demo content using the quick install. Now I have another issue - I have a brownish picture at the bottom left of the home page saying get it now and I dont know how to get rid of it. please help.
Hi, can I have sample data with free version ?
This template include quickstart?
Hello. I have seen that through Wordpress, I can't modify or remove the blue footer on the bottom of the page, nor can I remove the yellow icon on the left bottom corner. I need to remove them, so I can upload my website in a near future. What do I have to do, so I can remove those two items from the template? Thanks.
Hello. You gave me the following answer: "Hello JERLYGABRIEL,

1. For footer, please open file 'style.css', go to line 4569, you will see CSS block with "body.theme-blue .site-footer", just remove it and define it with new CSS

body.theme-blue .site-footer {
background: #xxx;

With 'xxx' is your color code.

2/ For chatbox, just go to Admin > Genesis, go to end of this screen, you will see Header/Footer custom code, just remove it."

I did not find any "body.theme-blue" on all the css files. Nor did I find an "genesis" page or button on wordpress. Can you explain it again?
I have one more doubt: how do I change the Menu links? They are all in English and I want to put them in Brazilian Portuguese.
I just downloaded the free version, do I get the demo content? If so, how do I get it?
We are sorry, the demo content is not available for the free version, it comes with premium version only.

Regards, AS Team.
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