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We are experiencing an issue with customizing our site:

From the frontend when we access the widget tab some of the widgets are missing. For example Team, Testimonials, Pricing, Promo, Client. Could you please check what might be the reason for this?


Already tried this solution and still the "Body" is not displayed when customizing from the the frontend. For example Body: Testimonial has its all widgets set to be visible on the home page and it is still not displayed. Any other suggestions?
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It will be published after it has been approved by the Website Administrator.
I have just noticed a strange effect which is related to my issue. If a widget is added (tried only with Text) to the "Body: Skill" rest of the bodies will also appear.
Also in a default installed theme if all widgets are disabled from Body: Skill the rest of the bodies do not appear.

This entire thing would make the entire theme unusable. Would you be able to fix this so I can proceed with developing the site?

Since I have figured out what was causing the issue to not display all widget bodies the initial problem is solved.

The second problem now is that in order to see all widgets and manage them in the Body Skill I must have at least one widget visible. Is this normal and can it be fix so for example even if I do not have any kind of widgets added to see all bodies in the front end customize?

And also when you create a page can the body of the page apear on top of the first widget body?

I cannot find which part of the function.php is responsible for the widget order and what tells them to get on top of the created page body. Could you assist me on this?
I addition what you are saying that every body tab should have a visible widget, I tested this and this adds too much empty space in the page. Also some of the widgets are not hidden even though on the set visibility option they are.
Hi, i can not install the spanish language. When I want to find languages, the option does not work.
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