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Is it easy for a beginner add multi-language support to this template?
Is there a start kit or some help to a wordpress beginner to create a site based on this template?
It is not a problem, here is a one of such tutorials:

Regards, AS Team.
Good afternoon please, I need advice since I need to know what option is to be able to change the image of the slider on the homepage, where is the option to modify it ....

please help

this is the template that you buy

Contenido de su compra :
ID de producto del proveedor : 794
Nombre del producto : MegaWP TechnoWeb - Business Wordpress Theme - Extended License
Hello AGENCIA2018,
The slider images you can change in your WP Admin panel, look for Slider Revolution in the left side menu.

Regards, AS Team.
Good evening I need to know how I put the slider in the home and how can I change or what plugin can I change the color of the footers?
Please, if you can visit my website, please give me a clearer idea of what I need ...

Hello AGENCIA2018,
Our suggestion is to install the theme sample data, after installing it your website will look exact like our demo preview page it will be easy for you to make changes in the content, preview all parameters and settings, the installation will save days of your time. If by some reason you can't install it on your live server you can install on some demo server or demo folder and then preview all settings. The theme installation documentation you can preview here: https://www.astemplates.com/wordpress-theme-documentation/794-megawp-technoweb

The color can be changed by editing css files. You can easy determinate the file which should be changed and the css class by installing and using Firefox Web Development tools
https://developer.mozilla.org/son/docs/Tools or Firebug Lite for Google Chrome https://getfirebug.com/releases/lite/chrome/

Here you can find some info of using firebug tool:

Regards, AS Team.
Thank you for answering me now by following the video tutorial on how to install the template I get these errors when I'm installing the demo

[ERROR] Failed to import "slide-1.jpg" (Media)
[ERROR] Failed to import "slide-2.jpg" (Media)
[ERROR] Failed to import "slide-3.jpg" (Media)

Why does this happen?
Good morning, please, how can I replace the options that the home section has when it is downloaded? I want to replace that information and also delete it and I could not ... this is the website if you want to know what I am talking about

Hello AGENCIA2018,
It seems your website is password protected, we cannot preview it.

Regards, AS Team.
hello if what a shame I forgot to place it online I take this opportunity to ask why the images of the slider are not responsive which I replace with the slider revolution.

Hello AGENCIA2018,
We are sorry, unfortunately revolution slider does not have such option for background images.

Regards, AS Team.
good and not to bother more because the changes I made on the web are not seen in the mobile? None of the changes is reflected in the adaptation to mobile?

thanks for your reply
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