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Hi AS, I have two doubts with your theme wordpress 006042. My site is "sinersis.com":

- In widgets, Footer, AS multifunctional. I do not know that I have to do to replace your text and image under the heading "Who we are" with another text and image of my choice, I have been replaced by another but I do not know how.

- Can I increase the width of each column? your template has four and I've left three, so I have now too much free space there.

Thanks and best regards
We checked your site, it looks like you was able to replace the text and image in the left column.
Regarding the column size, in the 'as006042includes' folder you have to edit 'sidebar-init.php' file, at the end of the file (line 94) please change the grid size from 3 to 4: (class="grid_3 widget-area").

Regards, AS Team.

I couldn´t replace text and image in the left column has been my partner and do not know how he did it. He only has replaced an article of the portfolio.

Thank you and regards
Hi AS, from sinersis.com with my wordpress 006042

I´ve solved my doubts with the footer. I've just finish the site and only have two doubts more:

How can I to translate into spanish the headers of the side bar in the blog?

In the blog too how can I translate another items like the part of the comments below the posts, or the buttoms "read more" or the words "next post" and "last post"?

The other doubt: I've seen that in "Quick Contact" there are a form below. must I put my mail in the field "mail"? Is this form for autoresponder?

Thank you and best regards

1. We recommend to use Sidebar Widget to rewrite default side bar or you can make changes in sidebar.php file.

2. Yes you have to fill the Contact Form and Quick Contact.

Regards, AS Team.
I´m sorry I forget another one question from sinersis.com

If you go to my menu item "EMPRESAS ASOCIADAS" you can see that logos into the image position are cut nevertheless I've put the images rigth to the size of the original images. How can I resolve it?

Thank you ver much

Play with image size before uploading to the server, like ( 460 X 214 )

Regards, AS Team.
I´ve tried with 460x214 but it does not work I had the problem with 400x186 and with the new size is still worse so I´m going to put a smaller image.
Thanks and regards

In mt sidebar space I have not widgets I'm going to trie with the file.

Hi again from sinersis.com

Thank you very much As I´ve translate all the text and solved my doubts only I need translate text bellow the posts into the item menu "Blog"
Can you tell me what is the file I must edit?

Thank you again and best regards

try to edit following code in index.php

comments_popup_link(/'No comments/', /'1 comment/', /'% comments/', /'link/', /'Comments are closed/');

Regards, AS Team.
Hello from sinersis.com again

Still one doubt. How does the widget AS Banner? I put into the field path the following c:/ banner/nameofthefile that is the folder where I have archived the gif image with the banner but does not work.

Thank you and best regards

you have to put full path for the image like http://localhost/banner/nameofthefile/yourimage.jpg

Regards, AS Team.
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