Joomla! Template 002032 - Item Support

Yes, it is.

Regards, AS

I have a pre-sale question about this template.
Can I use the module ”Maximenu CK” on this template and can I have your support in case of troubles with instalklation and configuration ?

Thanks in advance,
Yes, you can.
Sorry, we are not supporting third-party extensions for free.

Regards, AS
component ChronoForms v4
Validation on this temple are not working, but it works at another temples
can i fix it, and how?
Sorry, we are not providing support for third-party extensions.

Regards, AS
The main menu only displays the sub menu when I click in the principal item. How I do, for display the sub menu only with place the indicator in this element?
Please check menu settings, probably the start level you put to 2 instead 1.

Regards, AS
What size should my images be to fit correctly in the slider module? They are either way too small and don't fit in the entire rectangle or so big you can't see anything at all. I thought I found that they are 984x234 but when I resized to this it was still gigantic. Thank you!
Yes, that's correct, the size of the image should be 984x234.

Regards, AS

I am using the premium version and since 2 days google displays astemplates as my website title, instead of loft1visuals.

Do you have an idea of what is going on, is there a link or something else which makes google display astemplates? Or am I missing a joomla back-end setting?

It only shows at my url without ”www”.

Please provide us with an URL, as well please let us know which keywords you put in the google search window.
hi. i have a problem:
arrows in topmenu (near SLIDER EFFECTS and COLOR STYLES in your demo site) displays under the red background, so they are invisible
how and where i can fix it
Please provide us with an URL, we have to see that.

Regards, AS Team.
hello, how to change name of my web site..?

Look the google result :

Have you used any our free versions before? It should disappear in few weeks, it cached by google.
I have the full version, i buy it few month ago... i never use the free version... :/

Yea in ”Bing” (lol) its okey..

its on localserver.
here u can see the problem:
Sorry, in this case we can't help you. We have to see it.

”loft1visuals” are the words typed in the google search window. The url is or

Just to elaborate a bit, it is only in the google search results which displays Astemplates as page title. Clicking on it lead correctly to my web though.

Thank you.
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