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I have a free version, but there are no modul position 40, 46 and 47.
but i think has to be according to
Thank You for noticing that, we fixed the preview image, the free version includes the following module positions:
where can I my AS 002 032 Item Templates feature - premium version
LG TheBurner
The item you can download from 'My Purchased Items' section of your AS Template account.
I am using Joomla! 1.7 Template - 002032. How can i change the template name. I like to see an other Templatename in the back-end.
If you will change the template name you will need to change all links in all files, otherwise it will not work properly.
The template name have to be changed in templateDetails.xml
Items are no links on my Accout purchased to think I've paid via paypal, but no possibility to rumderladen, please help
Your account was updated accordingly to your payment, please check now.

Why your template is not validated by w3c xhtml and css?

there are plenty of error that is not good for SEO.
002 031 in my premium version of Silder not like in the demo version of the above company name and banner, how can I change this,
even if I take another Silder this is also new to the position below
On this page you can put comments only for template 002032.
i've configurated position 16-17-18-19 with a Custom Module, following the instruction in How To - Module Configuration, but i can't see it in my home page. whY?
Please check if yo have published them.
where i can change param of opacity in slide (text and background)???
cours text appears and disappears but background allways opacity 0.8
You have to look in the jquery.slider.pack.js file, for example: captionOpacity:0.8
I have bought this template. Is there possibility to get the demo web page? I mean to put in my server, to see how you developed some ideas?

Best greetings,
Sorry, what do you mean by demo web page?

Every template you sell has a 'Demo preview', when you show how the teplate looks in use. Would be very educational if you would sho how looks the content of that preview site. I mean you to show in Joomla administrator panel, how it is designed. I don't know maybe there is possibility to 'dump' the demo project and put somewhere here, for people to see?

Regards, JA
Hmmm, good idea, we will think about it. Thank You.
The hosting company wil change the server from PHP 5.2 tot PHP 5.3. This will be happen in the next month.
Is the Joomla! 1.7 Template - 002032 compatible with PHP 5.3 ??

thanks in advance,

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