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The template was fully recreated, changed all module positions and files structure. It will not work just by replacing the previous template version and it will not work in the same way like the previous template versions.
If you will decide to move to the new version you will need to build your existing site from scratch using the quick-start package. Please do not forget about backups.

Regards, AS Team.
Thanks for the solution Vincent. Isn't there another option- such as adding a few lines of code somewhere.
It's not very nice to have no control of the image sizes.
To have a thumb (the site does not sell Rembrandts) resize to a huge image that is larger than the text beneath it is not an ideal solution.
Granted. it may be rare that somebody will be viewing the website in such a reduced form, but still- no control is not a good thing.
This is my first experience with Joomla, but having to upload precise image sizes (and then uplaod all over again to perfecct them) sucks.
There should be the option of setting the image size, max, min on each insert.
For example: If you have a few more minutes could you take a look at two pages?
On this one ( the thumbs for 'various divisions' remain small when I reduce the window and look fine. In fact you can see the difference in how the module above those thumbs behaves as well.
However on this page ( the same thumbs resize to a huge over-sized image.

And I cannot find an explanation for the inconsistent behavior or a fix.
Hello MULINOO9898,
We are sorry, there is no better way then to increase image sizes.

Regards, AS Team.
Could you please help check this website at this page
I can't scroll it down.

Please help check. If you need admin password, please tell me I will send it to you.

Thanks and regards,
You have some javascript which puts your content row to fixed position, you have to disable it, sorry we can't help you here because it is not related to the template.

Regards, AS Team.
Could you please give instructions to place images inside page html with img classes. When I place an image inside html from TinyMCE, look of image is different from images placed from control panel.
You have to put the following source code:

<div class="item_img img-full img-full__left item-image">
<div class="img-shadow-wrapper">
<div class="img-inner-wrapper">
<img alt="" src="/images/prefabricated-steel3.jpg">

Regards, AS Team.
I have problem with position-1. What should I do to make my menu was graphic in this position. I only have a menu setting links.
Have you installed this template using quick-start installation package?
After installing the package your site will look exact like our demo preview page and it will be easy for you to make changes in the content, preview all parameters and settings. The quick-start package is actually the template documentation. If by some reason you can't install it on your live server you can install on some demo server or demo folder and then preview all settings.
The package should be installed like regular Joomla installation.
What is your site url please? We have to see it in case to help you.

Regards, AS Team.
I have modified many Joomla templates over the years but never had such a problem as with this one:2032. Nothing is like it should be, what is in the demo version on the left comes on the right, what should be in white letters (ex. breadcrumps) comes in grey etc-.etc.etc.
Read more does not look like in the demo and there is countless samples like this. I read those css in Dreamweaver so I can should be able to clearly see whats wrong, but this is just endless fuc........ work.
One buy a template to save time. I have two sites which I need to get into responsive mode, but I will be quicker to make my own template out of nothing rather than this bullshitt.
And no support via e-mails!
I am sorry guys, but this is a lousy job:(.
Good morning.
I am kind of sorry and feel bad about the comment I made on the 14.04.2015 - I had no right to attack you in this manner. Sorry for that guys, but after being in struggle the whole day where hardly anything worked like it should get frustrated and sometimes angry.
I just want to say; I have been installing and modifying Joomla the last 12 years, have tried many templates for different purposes. The reason I wanted to try yours is that I have never seen as clean templates for Joomla and no problem using it without having the name of the design company everywhere in the source. I find your templates very professional with a nice and clean design.
After going through your comments area I can see that you do provide help and in fact there is a lot of documentation which you have put out there. The questions you are getting are sometimes unbelievable and my hat off for you for answering them with such a serenity. Being a former IT teacher for over 14 years, I can see my students when they was driving me crazy with questions which in fact was written in all their instruction manuals and therefore no need to ask.
I have presently two sites which I am re-doing on local server. 90% of my businesses comes from those sites so I will not publish them until perfect. I might later on ask you for quotation for some work with calculation page, where people put in data and get cost estimation automatically calculated. On my previous sites I have most of the time outsourced that work.
I am still struggling a little with the template, but that is how it works, most of my problem are already documented here on your site.
Again, sorry for the previous comments, you have my approval of deleting it, does not looks good and is bad for business. I would not like to have some idiot comment like that on my websites.

Struggling (but reasonable happy) 2032 user
That's OK :)
System - Language Filter vs. AS ArtSlider
When the Language Filter Plugin is activated, the ArtSlider stop showing images. Took me long time to figure out why images was not showing and this is the result.
To be sure I tried this as well on the 2032 quick-start package and it work the same, when the plugin is activated the Slider does not work. Any idea how to overcome this?
Another question: where is the setting to make the ArtSlider full page, like shown in the demo: AS Responisive ArtSlider. Thank you.
Hello DAGUR1800,
1.The problem with the slider in the latest Joomla version was fixed in the latest template version which was released 2015-04-09, you can download it from your AS account and just install over the existing.
2. It is not relates to the slider, it depends on the template design, sorry, the current template doesn't have such option, it should be developed.

Regards, AS Team.
How i can remove the "Welcome" Text on the main page?
The page heading you can change in your Joomla admin panel -> Menus -> Main Menu -> Home -> Page Display -> Page Heading.

Regards, AS Team.
Thanks a lot. This worked :).
How can I reduce the size of the photos in the gallery view page
Thanks for your fast response :D
I have a problem figuring out how to put the language switcher on the right site in positions 3 and 4. I can see that you had request about it but did not find any answer? Thank you.
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