Joomla! Template 002033 - Item Support

Released a new version 2.0.0 for the lite and premium templates.
Fixed an issue with showing a slider on the home page.

Updated files: index.php and templateDetails.xml
Released an update for the AS Premium template 002033, version 2.0.1.

1. Fixed an issue with showing the slider on the default multilingual home pages.
2. jQuery library updated to the latest 1.7.1 version.

Updated files:

What is the recommended size for the pictures that shows up in the slider? Unless there is a way to select auto-format somewhere.
The size should be 1000x450px.
Thank you! And how are we getting the black shadow around the picture?
We have sent the PSD file on your email, if you not received it please contact us via Contact Us page.
hi i tried to load you template and got the following error - JInstaller: :Install: Cannot find XML setup file

please help

thank you
You have to unzip it first.
I am unable to turn off various article options. I have everything set to either ”no” or ”hide,” yet published date, category, hits, author, and title all show up. How do I make these go away?
Please check if you have disabled it in the:
Menu Manager - Edit Menu Item - Article Options
how can I activate the round buttons in the banner: Home, Contact us and map ?
Sorry, we don't have such parameter in the template.
Hello ..

thanks your answer.
but you have this round bottons in the header.
on the right side this 3 round and orange buttons.
they are there in your template on your website.

How I can activate them ?
Sorry for misunderstanding, please see the following article:
You need module configuration position-3.
After downloading the Free version, I decided to buy the license for Premium Version. After installing the template all icons disappeared. For example, there are no icons in menus, in the search box and the three small icons at the top (Home, Contact Us and Terms of use).
Is it meant that I need to configure these things myself?
I have read the ”Modules Configuration” but have not found a solution here. Please can you help me
Yes, you have to config all modules by your self, or you may use the SQL dump file. The documentation you can find on the How To page.
Hey all, i have a werd problem it seems that when a text separator is placed in the main menu, it loses its formatting and displays the standard font and not the one defined for the main menu item, this only happens if it is a text separator
Can you please provide us with an URL?
Thanks for this link.

I was frustrated to find that the images on the slider weren't automatically configured with the black arch shadow. I would like to be able to add the black shadow to the slider photos without having to work each one up in Photoshop - too time consuming. I note there is something about it on the previous page with a PSD file mentioned. Can it be sent to me?

Thanks, too, for the image sizing noted above.
We have added it in the installation package recently (premium templates only), please download it from your account.
After you will download it please unzip, you need file, unzip it, open in PhotoShop, go to Select - Load Selection, choose one selection from the Channel dropdown box, in the template we used selection 'sel3'.
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