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I bought the premium version and I want to put a menu / item above the slider. However, I cannot find the slider module in the modules page to change the order. Is the slider position hardcoded?
Yes, it hardcoded, the order you can change in the index.php only.
I've imported the SQL dump file and all sample data is installed on my site. But I'm still missing all icons to menus, search and breadcrumbs. I'm sure there must be some errors in the file I've downloaded since it can't be meant I must be a programmer to use your templates. Please tell me how to solve this issue. Otherwise I delete a really nice template and do not want to use it at all!
Please contact us using Contact Us page and provide with access to the Joomla admin center, we have to check this issue.

Can't find file. Have downloaded file from my account, unzipped, installed, and activated. Have unzipped everything and even done a hard drive search for it but can't find Somewhere else?
What size of the downloaded file you have? The size should be around 9MB.
If not, please download it again.

Thanks. Downloaded again and have psd file but it only extracted one of your slider pictures (lightning) which, although lovely, wasn't what I was looking for. I want the clipping mask that covers the photos so that I can clip it on my own photos. Is that available? I am only using Photoshop Elements but it should still work. Thanks.
My bad! There it is! Thanks!!
I need for the social links the Icon for the Network *XING*
where I can get it ?
You can download it here:
How can I setup the band at the bottom of the page with all of the logos? I need to do that for our sponsor logos. Looks like it's in Footer Row 1, Position 56? And is that using a slider?
We just added the example of the source code on the 'How To' page:
I purchased this template but it will not install. I think it is because of a 8MB limit size on my Godaddy account. What should I do? Also in the extensions manager it says the PHP upload limit is 2MB. I don't know how to edit the PHP file or I would change it. Please help
You have unzip it first, it contains template and PSD files.
I can not install the template. The error that appears is this: JInstaller:: Install: could not find the XML setup file. I can do. thanks
Please see the previous comment.

Regards, AS
Well not I feel like a dummy. Sorry I know some can install from the zip file but I will unzip first and hopefully that will work.
I'm sorry to bother you again but I have a little problem. When I installed SQL dump file the following address appears : http://xxxxxxx/joomla/index.php/en/
I assume that ”en” means English. Is there any way I can change this to my own language: Danish?
I have studied the template files to see if I could find where it could be changed - but I have not succeeded.
Hello, can you please contact us using the 'Contact Us' page and provide with an access to the Joomla admin center, we will check it.

Regards, AS Team.
hi, in my site in a module html i can't insert a read more? i've done but not functionaly.
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