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But i have to pay regular for the slider?
The slider which comes with the template may be used with the template only. You can't use it in other templates.

Regards, AS Team.

I use premium template.
I finish my web but I can't find contact box with "send email button" I need edit it or erase-

Best regards

Can You please provide more information, as well access to Your site.

Regards, AS Team.

This is the link:

I can't find in joomla "email send box" to edit or erase. You can't see some letters because I test white color.
Sorry, still not understand what do you mean, can you please explain the problem in more details?

Regards, AS Team.
The transaction number is XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-2064

I'll repost what I said before "Hi. I bought the full version and I'm working on this site but I have several issues, being the most important one that I can't use the main menus properly. They don't display when I put the mouse over them and I have to star clicking everything, reloading the site several times to be able to get to point I want to go. Take a look is

Thank you. "

That's it, they just don't show at all, so I have to click it, then the page reloads and if I put the mouse over that particular menu item again, now I can see its submenues, but if one of the submenues has another submenue, it won't show unless I click it and reloads the whole page again. The same occurs I wanna go to any other menu topics. I can never see them display just by putting the mouse on top as the demo shows.

Thanks in advance!
By the way, my site will be visible tomorrow as the programer is working on it.
We are sorry, the transaction belongs to another user.
We only cover support for customers who purchased our items.

Regards, AS Team.
Hello! Bought the multiple domain template and I can-t find instructions on how to change the default font (Caviar Dream) to another font from the font menu (Aller for example). Please advise!

You can change it via General Configuration Parameters / Heading / Main menu font family .

Regards, AS Team.
Hello, I work with swantonbomber, I bought the site for him and the transaction code is XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-2064 Please answer his question.

Best regards!!
Sorry, we only cover support for customers who purchased our items.

Regards, AS Team.
I have almost given up, Can you help me if i pay for the template ? This is so stupid i dont have words.. So many people have looked at my frontpage. They all can see that my face on the last pic is cut off. But YOU cant see that and tells me everything is OK. Everything isent ok. Everything is ok in firefox and ie, but NOT in Chrome. And i really dont understand why only you and 1 of my friends se it normal, and i and now about 50 of my friends see the face cut of.. Something is wrong with the coding in the template,. We are not 50 people with computers with error. At least tell me witch page to lookm in so i can try do something with it. I dont want to change template, because i really love this one.
Sorry, there is nothing wrong with the template, as you see the demo preview looks fine. Our support team is not able to provide help with customization or modifications, especially for free templates.

In this case you have to ask for our services:

Regards, AS Team.
How can I find the contact section in joomla in order to edit the text and adapt it to my language or even to delete the whole section?


We are sorry, your question is not related to the template, please ask it on the Joomla forum:

Regards, AS Team.
AS Team.

I don't understand why you are denying us customer support. MATCAMACHOR is the programmer of my site and he bought this template I chose for my site with his credit card. (If you enter the site you can even see he's designing it, as his signature is at the bottom of the main page at I payed him for the instalation of the template, and it was ME who picked this template to begin with. We both have been asking for your support as this template doesn't seem to work as it should, and help has been constanly denied to us. Would it make a difference if MATCAMACHOR asked the same question I just did? Please, we bought you template for MY site, and I can't get it to work. Do he really need to Copy and Paste what I just asked before just for you to answer the question and help us fix the problem?

So I'll ask one more time...I can't use the main menu properly (The one at the top of the site). It doesn't display when I put the mouse over it and I have to start clicking everything and reloading the site several times to be able to get to point I want to go. Take a look at my demo site at, check out the menu and tell me what's wrong with it. The submenus just don't show as they should, so you'll have to click them, and then wait for the page to reload; you'll be able to see the first submenu, but if you want to see a menu contained under that very same menu, it won't show unless you click and the site reloads the whole page again. The same occurs if I wanna go to a different menu item. I can never see them display just by putting the mouse on top as the demo shows. For example, the first menu is called SINDICATO, and under it you have 3 submenus, 1) ORGANIZACION, 2) EMPRESA and 3) LEGISLACION- But under each of them you should be able to see other submenus, for example, ORGANIZACION has another 3 submenus: QUIENES SOMOS, NEGOCIACION COLECTIVA, LOGROS SINDICALES and ABOGADOS, and you can't see them unless you click ORGANIZACION. And of course you can't see any other submenu in any other topic as, for example, BENEFICIOS.
As we told you we only cover support for customers who purchased our items. In the future please ask your developer to contact us with any questions related to the template.

In case to resolve the issue with submenu please read the following article, step 7:

Regards, AS Team.

Hi. i bought this template from your company today.
may i have the spl to install the full look same with the link your done?

Thank you.

jeremy foo
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