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You can do it by editing the Browser Page Title under Page Display options of your menu item.

Regards, AS Team.
Sorry I am confused by your explanation under "HowTo"

Under "There are two ways how to install the Joomla template:"
You mentioned
1. Install Joomla template using Quickstart installation package, so it will looks exact like the demo preview (premium version only)
So, I assume all photos I see on your demo site are included.

Scrolling down to the bottom.
Under "2. Manual template installation and modules configuration"
You mentioned
Joomla template does not come with any demo content. ...
So, NO photo is included!

On the left, you have $24 for Regular License (single domain) and $39 for Extended License, but nothing about "premium version". So, how can I purchase the template with photos and at what price?

Thank you for your attention.

Premium version means purchased not free version.
There are two license types may be used:

for a single domain - regular license
for unlimited domains - extended license

Both of them include quick-start installation package and all images.

Regards, AS Team.
And aother question.

I need the template for one domain only. However, I used to develop the website on a private server that use a different url. Then to a subdomain for testing. And finally to the domain.

I had experience with other template provider that I need a "key" for each url so as to have the template works properly before. I also had another experience that the template provider control the copyright in a more flexible way. In your case, do I need to purchase the extended license? Or, the regular license already serves me well

The regular license will be OK for you.

Regards, AS Team.
Hi As Template,

I want only 01 menu (link) on the splash page.

I saw almost the same question on this forum and you suggest to create a new menu with one menu item and publish this menu on the splash page.

Could you please explain exactly how to publish this menu on the splash page?

Thank you in advance.
In the latest template version you have to create menu module and assign it to Splash -> Splash Page menu item.

Regards, AS Team.
- is it possible to change the color from the menu in position 035 from white in black?
-how can i remove the "0" in the left of the search area?
(special Info is filled)

Please check your site, everything should be OK now.

Regards, AS Team.
that look great.
Is it possible that the color black looks like as the copyright (Little bit lighter?) Or can you tell me where the setting is?

Thank you for supporting!
In case to change it you have to edit style.default.css file the following class:

#copyright-menu li a
color: #000000;

Regards, AS Team.
Hello Sweicki

I downloaded the new version of this template and know I have a problem. I set the position of the menu on as-position-3 (right handed to the logo) and know I have the text "< class="moduletable _menu ">" above the menu.

Can you help me?

rgds Simon

The HTML-Code:
<div id="top" class="row">
<div id="logo" class="span4">
<a href="/">
<img src="/templates/as002063free/images/logo.png" alt="The Company">
<span class="slogan">

&lt; class="moduletable _menu "&gt;<div class="moduletable-wrapper"><div class="mod-menu">
<ul class="nav menu ">
<li class="item-101 current active lastItem firstItem"><a href="/">Home</a></li></ul>
It's Simon again

I forgot: I'm using J2.5.18 and PHP 5.4

Hi Sweicki

Simon again.

I made a dirty hack. In the folder /modules under the template folder, in modules.php, I changed the code (line 33):

$html = "<{$moduleTag} class="moduletable {$moduleclassSfx} {$moduleClass}">";
$html .= "<div class="moduletable-wrapper">";

if ( trim( $moduleTag ) != "" ) {
$html = "<{$moduleTag} class="moduletable {$moduleclassSfx} {$moduleClass}">";
$html .= "<div class="moduletable-wrapper">";
} else {
$html = "<div class="moduletable-wrapper">";

But I don't really know, if this is working for every setting in the template. Why is $moduleTag empty?

Rgds Simon
The latest responsive version is not compatible with Joomla 2.5, it is compatible with Joomla 3.x only, please see the template item details page for more info:

Regards, AS Team.
I download the free version and after installing I just see a big green ball and with no menu, no images. Unclear whether this template for me. Could you please help me.

I just downloaded this template, but the send email button does not display properly in the default contact form. It's half cut off and remains so when I hover.

Rest all buttons look fine. I'm using J3.2.

Thanks for your help.
Dear colleagues!

Using last version of template on your site ( I have prepared

this site:

Now I need your assistance and kindly ask for help in below mentioned problems

1) It automatically adds en extension. I cannot make available Google search for the site. I would like to remove this extension.
2) The site is too slow
3) Will I face trouble if download new theme

Thank you in advance,
Sedaget Akyol
We are sorry, we are not able to provide support to our free items. Thank you for understanding.

Regards, AS Team.

I have a question about using "Facebook Slide Likebox"

I installed "JQUERY EASY" and Enable jQuery.

But "Facebook Slide Likebox" can not work.

There is no debug or footer Module position .
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