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I have trouble with this template and virtuemart 2: Add to cart doesn´t work, in IE there is no add-to-cart-button and a checkout-problem is there, too. Do you have solution for these problems?

With beeze 2 - Template I have no problems ...
Hello Gustav69,
This template is not designed for virtuemart. Sorry.

Regards, AS Team.

I did bought the Premium version. But I've figured it out. In Joomla 2.5 you can easily see all avalible positions in the template by using ?tp=1 within the url. So by placing modules in the required position I could find the yellow blocks and put concent in it.
Maybe it is usefull to place this information in your howto's.
Hello wassie007,
Thank You, we know about that feature, as well all module positions you can see on the template parameters page:

Regards, AS Team.
It works very well!
Thank you very much!
Im planing to buy this template but i have two quetions. Can you have a bookingsytem in it, for hotels? Can you use/ add every extansions in this template?

Hello oskarbh,
You can add any, but we don't have any responsibility for these items, as well we are not providing support, sorry. Please see our terms of use for more info.

Regards, AS Team.
You should write this message in description:
"not compatible with virtuemart" !
or fix problem with 'add to cart' button in IE. This is my first time when templates to joomla doesn't work with vm. If I knew this before, I didn't bought this.
Not cool.
This is temporary solution, maybe someone discover something else.
in IE border radius is not working.
To see 'add to cart' button in IE You have to erase part of code in vmsite-ltr.css where border radius is used.

I did it in three places, add to cart border, quantity border and places where You put Your data when You want to buy without registration.

Sorry for my english.

Minus of this sollution - border will be without round corners.
Can the menu and the Logo from the splash screen be moved from the right side to the left side? many thanks..
Hello alexorza,

You have to edit the tmpl.header.css, please look for the following classes:
#header.home #companyname
#header.home #topmenu_home

Regards, AS Team.
hei ^^ - i am working step-by-step you HOW TO side ;) i have written a lot of articles - make a lot of categouries... so next step is menues - right ?

changing pic from start site works fine - ;) but when i click on my HOME button, doesnt open the next side - can you help ?

so i want to know - for what i need blogs ? and a custom module ?
on your site "adding menue site" - are a lot of possibilitys...they are all needed in that style ? are they all included that it works like in the demo ?

great your parameter site - helps a lot.

thanks for your patient with me :)

Hello Bastet99,

Sorry, what do you mean by: 'but when i click on my HOME button, doesnt open the next side', can you please let us know your domain name?

Regarding the blogs, please see the following article (we are not using blogs in this template):!

The Custom HTML Joomla Module allows you to insert customized text into any module position in your template.
For example the Custom HTML Module could be used for:
1. a block of text that you want displayed in a sidebar.
2. a contact us sidebar with phone, email, etc.
3. to input custom code for a newsletter sign-up box.

Regarding menus, we provided general information, it's up to you which menus and articles to use on your site.

Regards, AS Team.

Hi, i got this message on top of every article i create:

Strict Standards: Non-static method JSite::getMenu() should not be called statically, assuming $this from incompatible context in C:xampphtdocsjoomla254 emplatesas002036index.php on line 21

what does this mean?how can i solve this problem? tank you
Hello caccamo13,
In the index.php file please find the following (it should be on line 21):

$menu = JSite::getMenu();

and replace with the following:

$menu = $app->getMenu();

Regards, AS Team.
I'm reading comments and I'm a little disturbed.
I've bought this template to use it with virtuemart and you are telling, that it will not working... at all?
Usually joomla 2.5 templates are compatible with virtuemart 2.0

Does't mean that Ihave to look for another template?
Hello dagyplus,
We are not able to support any third-party extensions, please see our terms of use. Sorry, it was not tested for virtuemart.

Regards, AS Team.
Why is it that I cannot see my submenu items when I put a menu on the left side of a page (e.g. position 40). I bought the template...
Thanks for helping me out.
Hello Martine.
We just updated the template and added css for the submenu in sidebars, the previous version 2.0.0 did not have it.
Please download the latest version and update files from the previous content.

Regards, AS Team.
Hi again, i would like to hide the slider but even if i choose NO in the template panel on the -show slider- option this is still on my page. How can i hide it? thanks
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