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thxs for quick answer.
I'm using Gemini Responsive Theme For Joomla 3.0 by Primer Templates
The login detail by email.

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I ask your help for some questions:
I'm new Joomla user, it's my first website and also sorry for my english....
I use joomla 2.5, I purchased the gemini template.
I've installed, with the normal procedure, the template and the two extension (revolution...and Yjpiece....)
but....the results is very far of the template showed in your web site.
Where are the images?? where are the menu?? there is a simple procedure for change the logo?? Could you describe it?
In the administrator menu there aren't settings for select the images, have you a "complete user manual"??
I'm sure that is my mistake but please help me
I await for your early response
thank you very much
Comment in status pending...

It will be published after it has been approved by the Website Administrator.
I've followed the joomla instruction for solve the problem and reset the password and ok i've solved but... I've seen that in my database there are many ref to my old website (joomla 2.5) and for example there are two line with #_users, one with the detail of old and one with the new detail. I've try to change the new detail with the same username and password that are used in old web and is ok.
It is necessary to delete all the old ref?
An other questions, could you explain how is possible to modify del logo in my new web page? have you a detailed and simple procedure?
Thank you very much again!!
another question, why with IE8 the images on the website are not resized?
Logo and other images are tight, with crome all it's ok
Why happened?
How can I solve?
Thank you

Kind Regards
Hi. I have installed the template but get error like this:
Warning: Illegal string offset 'mime' in /home/webcompa/public_html/libraries/joomla/document/html/renderer/head.php on line 155

And the admin doesnt take my username and password that was set up when installing
In the Yj Piecemaker module that comes with template I am unable to turn off "slide 1 description" and "slide 2 description".
This text does not appear on the rest of the slides, only the first 2. Please help
Everytime I erase the description of the first two slides it reappears as "<h1>This is your first slide info title</h1> <p> You can use p or h1 element tag to define your custom description</p>"

I can't make it go away.

Please help
could you send me the invoice for our payment (30,00$).
For our company this is necessary for justify the expenses.
Thank you very much
king regards

I've purchased your design Gemini and I absolutely love it, so thanks for a great template! I've managed to work with most of the upcoming issues, but the one I cannot seem to break is the slide blinking in Firefox. I would like to put several images on the slide but the blinking after every image is very irritating so for now there's only one image.

I'm quite new with this Joomla stuff, maybe it's a simple clip in the code but I can't seem to be able to fix it. Do you have any ideas?

Regards, Karin
I have a license but cannot find this template in download area. How and where I must download this template?
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