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The picture on the home page of the AT Dority template is much larger than screen size. How can I change the picture and make it fit the screen size? It is not visible with SP Pagebuilder.
Maybe you don't know what you don't see.?
I made a page with some pictures on my test environment to show you what is going wrong:
The original homepage on my screen and the whole picture and also the picture I am using now.
The picture seems to be non-responsive
And how can I remove the darkness?
Thank you. CSS code did the trick.
I also found the filter settings of the picture.
Another question. Is it possible to make the pcture (or slideshow?) on the home page resizable? Now the left and right are being removed which results in an ugly picture on a phone.
Or should I choose another template e.g. 2097?
P.S. I went back to the original settings. Look at the effect on your computer screen and telephone (
The menu of my site has 3 rows. This is not working correctly in the Off Canvas mode.
I am trying to make a Mega Menu and follow the instructions. In Helix I select Menu and see the Main Menu. After I select Mega Menu I se a small screen for some settings (drop down).
But I don't get the window where I should click the 'Add New Row' button.
What am I doing wrong?
My Joomla version is 4.4.3.
Does this template at-dority support Joomla 5?
If not, is there a way to upgrade?
But when I select update to J5 I get a message that the template has to be updated from the current 2.0.5 to 2.0.18.
Is it possible to get this update?
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AT Dority
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