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Thanks for the support, I'll try to install the latest version of the template.

I take this opportunity for a question: I can still take advantage of the support after 12 months from the date of purchase?



I have problems to put a logo there, where de vino logo is placed in the template. I could not find the option to place the logo.
Whrer can i find this option?

thanks for the support
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I'd like to know if this template supports streaming video tags.

Thank you.

I purchased this vine template.

I downloaded it and installed the quickstart package. But I really dont have the vine template.
I tryed to install separately the template, set it on default but I already have another template (Yootheme).

What's happen with your package ?

I really need urgently to install this template like your demo version (For those I paid).

It's OK. I disinstall and erase, and reinstall and it works !

Dont know why but it's OK.
Hello, I want to buy this template "Vine" soon, But I need to do before some questions:

- It will be able to Download new future versions of this template, for example, joomla 4.5 (in a future), without pay again?

- I view the Web Site in Internet Explorer 10, and the thumbnails in the image gallery (Section Image Gallery) and the images of AS Scroller (Section Home) are much larger, when in other browsers look good, it has a solution?

I really want to buy this and many more templates.
I await response.
Yhank you very much!
hello, before purchasing this template, would like to know only this:

When I see this template with Google Chrome, or Mozilla, the thumbnails of image gallery, and image-scroll look good, but in Internet explorer 8 and 10, see really more big,... this can be repaired?

Hi, I Buy the Vine template (only for one Web Site), but,... I Realy need work on a temporary link!!, Because I take long to have the new version ready, and while I need my old active web!

When I try to install Vine Template, The instalation Fail, and see that "0 php_network_getaddresses: getaddrinfo failed: Name or service not known"
Please, give me this posibility!.
My official and definitive link to use the Vine Template is:

But I really need to work on a temporary link, ... I have ready this link to work:

Help me please!.
hi, I do not know why, but try again and I can install the Vine template!!, thanks anyway.

I have some problems with this template on Google Chrome, my submenu don't open on "mouse over". But it's working just fine on Safary, Firefox and explorer...

Can you help me please?

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