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I purchased vine and have it installed @ I am having a problem getting the drop downs on the menus to work. Please Advise Thanks doesn´t work
is there anywhere another ModulPositions Overwiev available than that on the demo site ? which modules positions are that ones direkt on the bottom of the site like ( Gallery on the go) etc.

thank you and by the way fantastic template .....

thank your for your fast reply thats are not the positions i am searching for ... not important at this moment ...

i have another problem:

i changed the container background colour - now i installed a phoca guest book - my problem is, that the text is not readable at this time - where in the css can i change the color of the "entrys" in the guest book ....

maybe you could take a look

i already tried the phocaguestbook css ... .but now result ...


thank you ... i found the mistake already ....

very good support ....

if i disable the main content in the template options - is there an referring module position so that i can place a module there or where in which file can i redefine the size of "left" that modules on the left will use this place ?



stupid question... how can I hide the writing

"Vine, Warum Nicht?"

please could you indicate the name of the module?
Thanks in advance

also can't change title of the home page. Doing all the tests into the quickstart package with demo data

I get this error during installation, please advice. Thanks.
SQL=SHOW FULL COLUMNS FROM `jos_k2_categories`

This morning I noticed a problem with the template: no longer displays user6, user7 and user8 on site

I did some tests but no longer displays any module in those positions.

What could have happened?

Thank you very much for the support ..

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