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Thanks for answer. I figured problem on my own. I case someone have same problem i give you solution. The problem was: menu doesn't develop on main site. As you said the problem was conflict between jquary and HOT image slider.


Edit modules/mod_hot_image_slider/tmpl/default.php and insert this script just before line 111
<div id="header_hotslider"><div class="hotwrap">

<script type="text/javascript">

Hope could help.
Hi team,

I installed the Hot image slider for the Vine theme, and everytime I insert some text for the image description the slider is shown as black, and nothing appears.

Please see my url -


Hi team.

Just sent you an email.


What was the problem team?
Thank you so much for your excellent prompt and friendly service team.
Thanks Kenshin, I had the same problem. Solved!
Hello astemplates-team,
I have a problem to install template. After installation I only get a white screen. I installed according the installation-guide (1., 2. After template installation , I get the following error message: JInstaller::Install: The file "/var/www/web844/html/tmp/install_50293fdb3a69f/en-GB.tpl_falcon.ini" does not exist. But a second message, that the template is succeful installed. I have published the ja t3-plugin and set vine as default template. But I get a white screen in the frontend. In backend everthing looks like good.
Must I change any server-settings?

Thank you
Kind regards

Hello Team,
I installed the version 2.5.1 of jat3 plugin and now it works.

Thank you for your fast response
Kind regards,

I really need to make the logo on this site larger. I made room for it in the css, but no matter what I do I cant add the larger logo and dont know where you have it in the template.

I purchased the vine template and it looks good. I have a few problems that I need URGENT help in (Clients are impatient!)

1. Level 2 menu does not appear when nevo slide is on position slideshow. I tried the solution of Kenshin posted above on 2012-08-05, and it works but it deactivates featured articles on the home.

2. What it the position for the menu called (top.mainnav).

3. Reason for question 2: i have a multi lingual site (English and French) and the language switcher works well for the pages, but it does not display the menu. For example if the active menu is English on the template then when I switch to French, French menu doesnt show but pages changes to French and vice-vesa. This is because I have place English and French menu on Position 7. So what is the problem?

Hope you get back to me soon

my site is not yet uploaded
Hi Delight Group

Can you please just in the meantime answer my second question "what is the position for the main navigation (top.mainnav)"
I want to put my french menu there, but i dont know which position to select since the template position preview doesnt give me the name.

I think knowing this will solve most of my problems.


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