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Ok, that makes sense.


Thanks so much for your prompt assistance.


I have uploaded my site and have sent you an e-mail with login details. Please check it out and let me know how to solve the menu position during language switch.

Please also take a look at level 2 menu when nevo slider is positioned at "slideshow".



Just sent you an e-mail. I fixed the error jfolder error and uploaded the menu module.



PS: does the nevo slider module come with the vine template? If so I dont have it.

I m still waiting for the answer to the last problem I mention in the email; also I have not receive the Nevo slides as promised.

thanks for all your help so far.


Delight Group

I have sent you an e-mail regarding the thread we have discussing. Please let me know the response.


Hi Delight Group,

Have a problem - after installation I get a white screen...

Have purchased the template, downloaded and installed JAT3 v2.5.1 and installed template - however got an error msg saying ....

JInstaller: :Install: File does not exist /home/arts/public_html/maf2012/tmp/install_5046f254e598c/en-GB.tpl_falcon.ini

I can access the template control panel, but just get a white screen on the front end.

Please help!
Thanks for your quick response. Works fine now.

One more question - is it possible to turn off the TOP nav button at the bottom of the page? I've looked in the template settings & modules, but can't find an option to disable it.

PS love the template!
Dear Delight Group

I have sent you an e-mail. Please respond as soon as possible.


Hi guys,

i am very interested in this template, can you tell me please how easy will it be for me to put my own logo up

1) How do I get the photo slider enabled?
Is this the module "HOT Image Slider"?
When I install the template, then missing the entire colored area including the photo slider!
Why is that?

2) In the banner appears an error message:
"Strict Standards: Only variables should be assigned by reference in C: xampp htdocs joomla templates vine blocks header.php on line 17"

What does this mean?

3) What is the name of the Gallery module that appears on the home page at the bottom right (Gallery on the go)?

I am new to this and am unsure as to ow to change the logo. Don't laugh but where do I access /root/templates/vine/images

Thanks in advance
Thanks so much for the help.. I have another question. I have installed the hot slider (and also tried with Ja slideshow lite) . this is enabled on the home page. The submenus are not showing up on the home page - but are accessible on the other pages. How can I change this please?

this is the url:
In the module "breadcrumbs" I have the position to" change "top1".
However, the path also appears at the bottom of breadcrumbs in the position.
How can the path to disable Hide down / so that it appears only on the module position top1?

Kind regards
Before I bought this Templaze, I assured myself that this template is also provided for support through a forum. Why do you get now but here no help from the manufacturer???

The problem from 27.09. still exists - in addition I now have the problem that in the main menu no sub menu items are displayed. (Menu type mainmenu)

In the main menu, the option "Show submenu" is set to YES.
How can it be added that the sub-menus are displayed but not now?
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