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Hello, I have bought this template "AT Marinser" with you and I have installed it on my Joomla 4, php 8 site. I am configuring it but there are 2 errors:

1) I want to change the image of the Home page, in the slider section, I enter Components/Sp page builder/Pages/Home/Slider Row Options in Style I change the background image it has for another, I apply, save and refresh my page and it continues to display the same previous one, I refresh the browser cache and the same thing.. .never change it.

2) The icons of the social networks on the contact page, it does not show them, I check your review site and it has the same problem.

Could you help me, thanks.
Hello, the problem number 1 of my previous post was corrected, I cleared the joomla cache and it is already working fine,

Problem number 2): I think it is not necessary to give you the site admin password, you can check the error here:

Just enter the "Contact" menu option and go to the footer and you will see the error I have (described in my previous post), it is the same.

Perfect, problem solved. Thanks.
Hello, I'm still working with the template and I have several errors and questions, which I send here:

1) In the Home page of the Page Builder, in the "Intro" row, I changed the texts of the 3 objects and when saving them, the last object, the one that says "Finish and Rate Us" is higher than the other 2, also a white line appears in the background of the row. What could it be?

2) The space for the Logo image is only 45px high, my logo is bigger, where do I change the height of the menu bar? I change the height option of the logo in Helix, but it doesn't change the size, it stays the same.

3) In the "Contact" menu option, I want to add some fields to the form and activate the "submit" button (in case it is not already activated), but I can't find where to do it, could you guide me in this regard?

By the way, if you want to see the errors in point number one, go to this link:

Thank you
Hi My previus post was posted since November 5, but it isn't published yet, is there any problem?
Hi, can somebody explain me why my post are not published, can you tell me what the problem is?
Hello, I have the following error or at least the template is not working as expected and was contracted,

in the SP Page Builder, editing the Home page, in the "Intro" row, in the first column Feature Box "Make and order", I edit the text "Magnis quisque cursus posuere lacus eros nisl inceptos", I just remove the "M" from "Magnis" to test, I don't change anything else, I save it, and this part is displayed in the home page misaligned with respect to the others and adds a white line in the background. As I told you

I have reinstalled the template to eliminate the possibility of my mistakes and when I do it again, the same thing happens. As I told you, I only change that letter, I don't change any parameters of any kind anywhere

Could you review and help me since the template is not working as expected. If you want to see the error reproduced, go to "". If you need something let me know and also when fixing this malfunction let me know what it is in case it happens again. Thanks.
Comes this template with a quickstart package?
Hello ALBERT1964,
Yes, it comes with quick-start package.

Regards, AS Team.
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