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The issue has been fixed. Please download and re-install the latest version of quickstart package.

Regards, AS Team.
Hello AS Templates,
I noticed my social Icons on the position as-postion-8 disappearred after I switched on/off module (Follow as). I made brand new quickstart instalation to test and I have the same problem. Can you help me with that issue?

The issue has been fixed. Please download the latest version of quickstart package.

Regards, AS Team.
Thank you AS Templates!
please, help me how can i change in the footer the designer element.
I tried to install the quickstart, but after installation I'm not able to log in to the administrator part. It says:


Username and password do not match or you do not have an account yet.

Do you know how to fix this?

Kind Regards,
Hello DUSICA1,
Please don't use username 'admin' during the installation, it is too general. Please reinstall it one more time and try another one.

Regards, AS Team.
Hello AS = advice please?

I would like to have art slider and the featured row like sample with customers, managers, support and designers to ONLY appear on home page ie all articles to appear without these at the top of the page.

I have selected home page only for modules but they are still appearing at top of most pages except contact page.

I am still building in localhost so cannot give you link. Do I need a separate template??

cheers and thank you

For customization services please use the following page:

Regards, AS Team.
AS Team - thanks for the quick reply but I had hoped for a little more about whether what I was hoping to do was possible or not and if it looked like I had made a mistake.

In case to have it exact like our demo preview you have install it using quick-start installation package, please see the template documentation for more info:

Regards, AS Team.
Where are the module positions? Do you have an image representation of these module positions? Thanks!
Please see the following page:

Regards, AS Team.
hello AS team,

4testing i tried this template:

now i want to activate a AS Menu from the

- upload install AS Menu - OK
- activating the module in MODULES - OK
- setting the pages where shown to all - OK
- selecting the menu in basic options - OK
- tried to set a position - N/A

thatswhy nothing is shown on my page ?

has the AS menue a fixed position ?

The menu should be published in module position 1:

Regards, AS Team.

Your advise to work with a different admin-account did the trick. Now I'm trying to chace the colours to the colours my client prefers. For the most part that is no problem, except for the submenu-structure. I cannot find the part where to change the grey in the colour that I want.

Could you please help me? I'm working from the quick-install and I'm using the AS-menu module.

Thanks en regards,
Hello DUSICA1,
You have to edit ext.asmenu.css file which can be found in the template's css folder. What is your site url please, we will check and let you know the class name.

Regards, AS Team.
Hi AS team

Can i create 2 or 3 columns to a page to display information, without having to create a table in the jce editor? If so , How?

thank you

Steve C
You have created page in the menu as a featured or as a blog page, then in the menu item parameters specify number of columns.

Regards, AS Team.
Does this template come in different colors?

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