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Hello MORIS84,

You can found logo.png in as002041 / images folder.

Regards AS Team.
Hi. I've been working at the site for a few days and everything was jost fine and now I'm getting an error : "A category must at least have a title!" I don't know what to do because when i was editing the category i've added the title and get this erreor. Please help me solve this problem... Thank you.
Hello MORIS84,

Please provide us with your URL.

Regards AS Team
I'm workin to local host right now and i have to mention that the error i have it's about k2 catagory. Hope to give me any advice.Thanks!
Hello MORIS84,

Sorry, we have to see the issue.

Regards AS Team.
Hi. I need to change some features at "Content(Content Main)" module, but I am not finding this module at Administration - Main Menu. Please, help me in this case.
I am looking forward to getting your reply.
Hi, I need to change some information in "Content (Content-Main)" module, but I am not finding it.
Please, help me.
I am looking forward to getting your reply.

Sorry, not quite understand your problem, can you please let us know more information.

Regards AS Team.
I am not finding the "Content Module" in the administration. Where can I find it?.
Is there any way to send a picture to explain better my doubts?.
Content Module = Content Position at the site
I would like to put the "Content Module = Content Position = Content Main" in another Page, but I am not finding this "module" at Module Manager.

Content-Main isn't module, it position where you can see current content, like article or K2 item.

Regards AS Team.
I am having a problem with the template positions - they do not display do I need to add them somewhere or move the file or something. I don't have the option of choosing any module positions for this template.

Please advise, thank you
Hello SBSOL101,

In case You don't see module position, type it manually .

All module positions you can found here :
Thank you for the info but it is actually choosing the module position I am having problems with ie I want to put something in position-33 it isn't there even if I type it in. For some reason it is not picking up the template modules? Only shows regular joomla positions?

Hello SBSOL101,

We recommend to use quickstart installation package for see all available module positions and configurations.

Regards AS Team.

I have used the quickstart installation package the website is ready with some tweeks which involve the template module positions. I don't understand why I am not seeing the template module positions. I've checked that all the files match the quickstart unzipped files and they do???

Is there a particular file where the positions are listed?
Hello SBSOL101,

We checked template on our server , position-33 worked fine.

Please provide us with an access to admin panel, we have to see this issue.

Positions you can found in as002041 / etc /layouts /default.xml file.

Regards AS Team.

Hello SBSOL101,

Check Your site, we tested custom html module in position-33 on the home page. It's work just fine.

You have to type position-33 manually in Module Manager and assign it .

Regards AS Team.
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