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Hello, I tried to install this template and I cannot install it as well. I am not using quickstart, I always use manual installation through softaculous but for some reasons when I upload the template, joomla cannot find the install file. So I cannot even upload it on my joomla. Please refund. I tried the quick start installation option, ti is tricky. I do not seem to get to the URL to configure. Please refund me. I always use the softaculous and it always works, it seems that something is missing in the install folder. may be it is because I chose regular license. But that should not be an issue. Please refund. Thanks
username: fndayahoze
I have sent you a message through Hope you refund me soon,
Best regards,
I realized I need to purchase plugins from j2store. I feel this alert message was not present when I purchased the template. I have no intention to purchase the plugins. I feel I will just ask you to refund me.
J2Store is not my favourite shopping cart and for a reason. But that is not a problem I guess one can still install another shopping cart. I installed the template Boutique. It seems it still misses parts. For instance in the template there is no way one can add a Logo Text to show the name of the company . In the template also there is no option to upload a logo to show it as the name of the company. Maybe I am not exploiting the template as I should, please provide some guidance. I will wait for your answer for the next 2 days.
Thanks for your message. Primo where do I get the documentation that is supposed to come with this template. I checked my documentation folder in the files I downloaded and there is no documentation file that provides steps how to install a logo. It should be very simple folks. No need of codes. Then you talk about advanced custom html module. I suppose this is part of the template package and well well I do not see it in the package. I have developed lots of websites and usually inserting a logo is just at finger tips. Waiting for your response. I will give you 2 days.

Thanks for your reply. Please refund me. Some files are missing. Advanced html module! Documentation, etc.
joomla2.5 is the previous version of joomla, we are at joomla 3.4 for now! Please refund me. Your template is missing files.
In your post dated Aug 14 you wrote: The module you are referring to is called """
I am using the latest version of joomla and as I said your template misses important files. You have to refund me. Look at your custom-advanced joomla file, it is a 2.5 joomla! we are at joomla 3.4. Do you see that? I am filing a dispute today. Your template does not perform the job the way you describe it plus it is missing files.
That is an external website. Still missing files. Please refund.
I would really appreciate.
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Boutique Shop PT
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