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Hi. I love this template but I'm having a couple issues:

1) I only see the CK slider in the zip package and after install I do not see a second slider under modules. Where can I find the other slider?

2) The reason I'm looking for the other slider is because the CK slider doesn't seem to work in Chrome, Firefox or IE. It freezes in all three when I try to add an image. Any idea why this might be?


I am having a problem with my template ManagerGeneral Profiles does not show all the options in the user manual only shows:

Default Profile
Dynamic Profile
Upgrade Page
Twitter Button
G+ Button
FB Button
Tracking code - box

I had problems uploading the file so have uploaded all unzipped files by ftp, am I missing something? Any suggestions?

Thank you
Hello Delightgroup,

Thank you for your quick response the problem has been resolved not sure why I needed to ftp the quickstart files though. Anyway thank you.
I would like to install the quick start package but seems not working properly. How could I install this whole package?

Thanks you.
hi, i just purchased this template. installed successfully.
however, i couldn't locate the "home" which the main page who shows that 6 items with shopping cart.

what is that module or article called?

would need you shed some light to locate it.

Hello AS team
how can I display the date in the upper right German?

"<time datetime="2012-12-21"> Friday, 21 December 2012 </ time>

Regards norram
I have since figured out how it should be done. But I am disappointed that I received no response. That there were any questions at astemplates never.
Hi DelightGroup

I am having a couple of issues with the site and am hoping you are able to help.

PNG transparent image - not showing transparent.

Home page below slider "Check out our products and offers, visit the store now!" I haven't been able to locate this module in order to edit the copy and link. It isn't in "slider or top-a" positions.

The items for my store have lots of detailed info and need the buyer to click to go to the details page but the spacing is not pleasing when using the "read more" function.

I look forward to working with you to resolve this.

Thank you,

Can you please tell me where the logo file should go for this template, also how do i add something to the top pink bar where the telephone number is?

hi admin.. the template was perfect. however, i couldn't tune this? could you please refer to my attached file for better understanding?

where are the gray background in those boxes? currently, it's all white. it's very difficult for users to read。

I didn't amend anything, it just default setting. THanks.

Hopefully you could guide me at which css to amend?

i am newbie in joomla.
hi admin
here is my domain -
I use the original template together with HikaShop as shopping cart due to I found that j2store is very inconsistent.

TQ so much for your prompt response..
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