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Can the stupid arrow-cursor be replaced with a standard cursor?

And why is the demo-preview without images?
first I would to say thanks for this nice template.
I installed it on joomla 3 and I am trying the Captify Content modul.
but no pictures are displayed.
ether content images nor category images.
select a category I get this error

"Error! Unable to retrieve any Images!"
and this error when open a other site
"Fatal error: Call to a member function setState() on a non-object in /www/htdocs/v080454/modules/mod_captifyContent/helper.php on line 73"

selct a content image I get this error
"Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end in /www/htdocs/v080454/modules/mod_captifyContent/tmpl/default.php on line 220"
what happens? I saw this feature on the matrix demo site and it was a reason to buy the template.

kind regards and thanks in advance
hello delightgroup,

you should have received a registration email with login credentials.
please let me know if not.
thanks a lot for reply and having a look at the proble!
I´m having problems with the Captify Content module. When I enable it the page don´t load and Firebug console shows a lot of "jQuery is not defined" errors. I have already installed the JB Library plugin so I don´t know where the problem can be. I´m using Joomla 3.0.
Hello DelightGroup,

@ first i have to say i am totaly aggree with FGISCHLER thanks for this nice Template. I Got some SImilar Problems i buyed it and i Installed the TEmplate via "jommla 3" and get the Folowing Problems:

Strict Standards: Only variables should be assigned by reference in /kunden/382913_44229/webseiten/plugins/content/embed_google_map/embed_google_map.php on line 31

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected end of file in /kunden/382913_44229/webseiten/modules/mod_captifyContent/tmpl/default.php on line 221

Home page dont work not Like the Demo Page most Navs are not usable too.

Please have a Look on my Page i send you an Email @ "" with Login Dates on Super SA State.

Maybe try to fix the Problems as fast as you can or tell me how i can fix it via Mail on RE:

Kind Regards


I mailed you the Problem yesterday on the email who is tanding in the Doku, today again. I hope you saw it and will answer me and probable send me the working module. Afterwards i got a question about where i can change the BIG Offline on the Maintance Side i mean to write something other on this place over the Interface it not work??? and second is it possible to give out the PSD for some individual Configuration?

Best wishes
Hi Delightgroup,

as first congratulations to such a nice theme.
Unfortunately the quick-start 2.5 don't work that well.

1.) after installing the demo data the admin login is not possible because there are 2 admins now in the database.
2.) your "custom" mouse-arrow don't show up
3.) the "Home" page don't show up
4.) 2 different "Page up" signs
5.) i's not possible to click on a child menu entry because the menu entry hide again as soon somebody try to choose.

Kind regards
Hi Delightgroup,

email is send.
Hopefully you can fix the issues very soon.

Kind regards
Do you have anything that will show me where the module positions are onthe page?
Hello DelightGroup,

thanks for nice template. Great design, but where are the pictures? How can I put my own pictures.

I would also like to have a PSD if it is possible.

Thank you

King Regards
Hello - brand new to Joomla! so no doubt all the following will be down to finger trouble! Have installed Joomla1 V3 and purchased this Template which looks to be just what I need. I think I installed it but that's not especially clear given that there are numerous zipped folders within the initial folder, I simply tried to install the three folder under but I was able to follow the Quick Customisation P9 Matrix User Manual so I guess I did so...

However I certainly don't see anything that resembles the demo site I just get a very simple Page with the word 'HOME' on it.

Help - what have I missed?

To partially answer my own question I now see that there are even more zipped folders than I thought. The first one I've found being ALFContact but that's note very clear as to what is expected of me - what do I do next Go to ALFContact Manager or what? So, perhaps it would help me and indeed others that follow to expand (excuse the pun) on just what the steps are to fully install this package?

Dear Delightgroup,

I have send you the email as requested, but unfortunately I didn't got any response from your side.

1.) When can I expect the correct captify content module?
2.) How can I get the cursor as seen in the demo
3.) how can I remove the 2nd "go to top" sign (the black one which show on Joomla 2.5)

Kind regards,
Just to follow-up. I still don't see anything other than a very simple 'Welcome' on the home page. I am expecting to see the complete site as per the demonstration which I would then be free to modify and learn the basics of Joomla! Is that what should happen - am I being realistic?

I assume that any of the previous contributors would be able to answer the second question - what do you see following installation of the template?

I guess there is a plea here for a generalisation / implementation type of support message board/forum.

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