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Hi thanks for the prompt reply again, I have sent you an email with the details.

Thank you for the help.
Comment in status pending...

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Hi! matrix template change Background? and how?
How to edit the slide images and info/links?
Could you be so nice and answer my mail?
No answer, no confirm...
I sent to email address from the template documentation

From: Jacek Rudnicki
Sent: Sunday, May 26, 2013 11:17 PM
Subject: MATRIX Template - Joomla 3 - please help

Good day.
My name is Jacek.

I spent the whole Sunday on the configuration of Joomla and your Template.
I did not get a good result - as in the description and your demo version.

Please help - I've included all the data below to login, ftp and database.
I've never had problems with the templates, as with the Matrix.
I don’t understand …what is going wrong.

Waiting for an answer and solution to the problem.
Best regards from Poland
Thanks for the quick reply.
My problems:
1. where are the template parameters (width, color, Google Analytics Integration, etc.)
2. Pricing boxes & tabels do not work and I can not set :-(
3. The shape of the cursor ???

I had a lot of problems with template with all the settings according your demo.
I'm afraid that not everything works OK.

I prefer e-mail contact:

Waiting for your answer, with my best regards
Captify Content either stops everything else on page showing or cant find any images depending on how it's set, either way not much use. Rather than ask for peoples log in details would it not be much better to either fix the problem or give much clearer instructions.

I've tried all I can think of to fix this to no avail, disappointed.
Disgusted, I'd like a fairly quick response and judging by the fact that jacenty still has an unpublished comment from ages ago thats not going to happen.

Going to primer templates helps not in the slightest, yeah great send us a support email but you've got to get past the unfathomable anti spam measures first which is impossible.

I do not want you to log into my site I want you to explain what is wrong and I'll fix it myself, the user manual tells us nothing by the way.
I posted yesterday, and have no response yet.

I have no admin panel to change my template module options. Why is this missing and how can I get it? I have Joomla 2.5.

Please help..waiting to work on my site.

Thank you,
Worked like a charm...thank you!!
Hey Guys,
i installed the template but there are no tmplate parameters. no functions etc.

There is only:


What is wrong, what can id do ?
Also the quickstart do not work. I can install joomla and the database, but the template is not available.

Thanks for help !
Hi Thanks, it works!

But i have once more question - How can i insert a logo ?
In the parameters i dont find anything to change btw. insert a logo ...

Best Regards
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