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Then this package is not the package we bought. Please refund our payment.

By the way the Portfolio Display does not working.

Best regards

Ok thank for your quick reply.
No any existing pro version of the Widgetkit. There is the Widgetkit Lite. And no special needs in this extension if any other extention or solution was offered in the demo. But we bought a complete theme or in another words a complete solution (design). Maybe the Portfolio Display is not working because of the lack of the Widgetkit Standard. On one our website the News Show Pro GK5 does not function fully when the SlideShow module is disabled. I would provide credentials

I am very sorry The Portfolio Display is working - The cache of the googles pagespeed module has expired and now the content is displayed...
There is some misunderstanding - The Widgetkit lite does not include for example Accordion widget. Look at your demo homepage: position top b. Or the widget Gallery which is not inluded in the Widgetkit Lite but you pasted it on every page of your demo. It is impossible to download the WidgetKit Standard without extra payment. Please solve or refund

Hi there,
i use this template and have a problem.
The site is very, very slow.
I look for mistakes and i find a really big html source behind the site.

I am no Joomla expert, only a user for simple websites. Anyway, I need help.

Look the html source, maybe you can help me and tell me the problem.
Thank you, - kindly regards

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I would like to know if this theme is compatible with latest joomla, php 7.2 and generally if it is still developed since i see it hasn't been updated from last year.
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Atlantis PT
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Joomla 3 Product

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