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Hey guys - just wanted to let you know the demo page is not working. I am looking at
New to Joomla so have looked at a lot of template. Love Uninature. Question-We do sell a few items, do you have this design in an e-commerce?
Also being templates can you enter code for example Bing Verification etc. or does it lock you out of being able to?
Thank you in advance

I would like to know whether the Uninature is it compatible with Joomla 3.1.5 or not. Please advise before buying the product. Thank you in advance.

Kind regards
I paid for this thing and I regret! It is very difficult to set up! There is no specific information on which module is responsible for what. I don't know how to set something! Not worth it! I've installed a few pages on Joomla and i have never had a problem. I'm sorry, but my rating is 1.
Dear developers,
I tried to send an email but the adress provided in the template user manual doesn't work:
Mail delivery failed: returning message to sender

Where can I put all the questions concerning the already purchased template, and who can solve my problems with the template?

Kind regards

I like to change the upper site of the template. A widget/module is showing.

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I hope some one can help me.

Kind regards

Love the design of this template, but have two questions:

1) You mention 3 extensions that are included in Lite version. But which versions are used in the demo? Pro or Lite?

2) I have tested your demo of this template on an iPad. If the browser is not crashing, it is kind of re-loading the site all the time. From what I can see it has to do with the top image slider. Do you (or other members people reading this) experience the same problem? I have of course tried with several of browers.

Kind regards

So what does it mean in terms of functionality of the template if I don't purchase the PRO versions?

And what extensions are we talking about, looking at your demo? I mean, I have the name of the extension, but it is the top image slider? The photo stream?

What I am trying to say is: It is not clear to me how the site would look like if I don't have the extentions you have mentioned.

I hope you understand my question.

Kind regards

Hi guys!
I´ve already bought a couple of Joomla! themes from you (or my clients have bought them), and I´ve always been provided with excellent customer service such as a very helpful description how to handle all the module positions. Uninature is a beautiful template, but it is missing this customer service. Why don´t you take yourself a few hours of time to draw up this information for your current and future customers?
I believe it took you a lot of work to develop this template. And I also think you want to make money with it. A good customer service would help you to rise your sales. Just take a look at the highest sales in your portfolio! Uninature is really beautiful. I want to work easily with Uninature and I hope, I can find some help here in a couple of days. Otherwise I might have to throw it away and look for something else.

Thank you very much

Kind regards

Thank you for answering quickly. What I am missing is a description of the module positions, which would make it much easier to work with the Uninature theme. All the templates of your partner AS Template are provided with it in "parameters". I also introduce my customers in working on their homepage with Joomla Cms. If they can see, where the modules are located, they feel much safer!

Kind Regards

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