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Hi Team,
My employee KREIDEI has a problem with
The responsive design did not show any menu on a phone display.
Thanx a lot.


I purchased and installed this template from "template" folder. Unfortunately, the buttons "Save" and "Save&Close" don't work with this template whereas they are OK with other templates. So, I cannot activate Uninature theme. Can you help?
In January I both your template Uninature. Lately you have changed the design. In your old version you were using the moving pictures module - located on the bottom -above the black slat. Would you be so kind and let me know the name of this modul? I would realy appreciate it. Thank you very much for your quick response. Best regards, Petra

I just bought your template - and I'm very satisfied. But I have one question.
How can I get rid of "WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW" sentence on the Home Page / home page articles?
I've checked modules, categories.. cannot find it in any place.

Kindest regards
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