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Am trying to link articles to main menu, however, I get the 404 error. Have search engine friendly URLs off and have changed name of htaccess.txt file to .htacces.txt. Stilll getting the 404.

Site is

Please advise. Thanks for the assistance.
I bought this template under the impression that it could be uploaded as is and begin to change the images and text. Apparently, I was told by several web designers that it has to be pretty much done from scratch. Is this true? If so, who can I speak to about a refund? What's the point of selling a template if it has to be built from zero anyway?
Oh wow! That's great news, I'm going to check it out and if I have questions, I'll contract you again. In fact, could you please sen me a download link for the quickstart package?
Quick start package does not work. After installation no admin panel. After installation no admin panel and it looks as site list.
Dear Team,
I noticed that in the template settings the modules logo & toolbar-r can't be configured to be show on tablets and/or mobiles.
Is there a way to show the same content at least on tablets?


Hi, Lyn bought the recipe template and installing the quickstart, not shown me the administrator and the template does not appear as expected. At the beginning I indicated that my version of php is a bit lower than in akeeba but I installed other templates as well and have not had any problems. please tell me what I should do to correct this problem. My hosting site is a third, I can not change my php version. Thank you-
Thanks for your reply. However, this does not help me, I have no access to any php file. To give you a better idea, the message that appears to me is as follows:

PHP version 5.5.15 was the original server and your current version of PHP is 3.5.29. Please note that different versions of PHP may have differences that make their extensions (components, modules, plugins, libraries and templates) may not work properly. In these cases the restoration terminated without errors but your site may not display correctly or not load at all. Unfortunately we can not assist with these problems. You should check that all extensions work under PHP 5.3.29 before attempting to restore the site on this server.

Thanks for the follow.
Thank you for your comment. We have suggested and it has not worked. Our hosting provider indicates that it can not update the current php because there are many sites on the same server that we use the php version 5.3.29 and can not change it. Please help me! I need another way to install. thanks again
And I sent the mail, I will be aware of your support. thanks for the follow.
I have a basic question:
in the template manager, i have the notice:
"New version available! Download Warp Theme Framework 7.3.7" including a link to yoothemes site.

I dont find where find the framework 7.3.7 in this site ?
I fact, i dont what i have to download ... Coluld you help me ?

Thank you.
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