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Hello, my site is not uptodate about warp framework. please could provide me the last version 7.3.18 ?
I do not understantd how to download the last version of warp them framework on youtheme site, is there a trick ?

Thank you in advance for your help.
Best regards.
Im not able to get recaptcha version 2 to work. Version one works fine. Version 2 does not show on the template contact page. Version 2 does work on the Joomla registration page so I know it's functioning. Just not functioning on template contact page.
Thanks for your help.

My background images are gone.
Everything worked fine but now they are gone and don't know how to het the images back.

Kind regards

Hello Primertemplates,

I changed nothing. Only depublished en published the module.

I will send the login details.


Kind regards.
Oké one moment
Its not possible to create a new account.
I made a new account but it doesnt work.
Oké thank you. Please send me the instructions

Kind regards
Thank you

Kind regards
Hallo As Templates,

I have a question about a page on my a website.

When i look on my PC or Tablet, the prices are behind the product. But when i look on my phone it doesn't look perfect. I have made pictures but can't add them

Kind regards,

i followed all the guideline for this template and it is not working. Can you please guide me trough the process.
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