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Joomla and our templates based on Bootstrap framework, Bootstrap's grid system allows up to 12 columns across the page, аs you understand you can not divide page into 5 equal columns.

More info about Bootstrap grid system you can find here:

Regards, AS Team.
Hello me and another web page (002 057) at the bottom of the template "Resent Projects" gives warning. Somehow I can not delete. Can you help me?
Thank you
Muzaffer AVSAR
Just checked your site, we do not see any warnings there.

Regards, AS Team.
In the central area within the frame "Resent Projects" are part. I can not afford this.
then I'm afraid to use this template so
Can you please provide us with screenshot? What browser are you using?

Regards, AS Team.

I have installed the template but nothing is preconfigured. Is that normal?
Have you installed it using quick-start installation package? The package should be installed like regular Joomla installation, for more info please see the following page:

Regards, AS Team.
Thank you for your (previous) answer, I tried to solve it with a graphic trick.

I have a couple of extra questions:

on the homepage:
just above the footer there is a white space and a grey line. I tought it was an extra module, but I checked and re-checked and I can't find a way to take it away! Can you help?

Also, I'd like to change the color of the footer, is it possible? Should I change the CSS file? If yes, which one?

Thank you again!
This is a content row, you did not put any articles on your page, are you going to put some?

You can easy determinate the file which should be changed and the css class by installing and using Mozilla or Opera Fireblug plugin:

Regards, AS Team.
I have the Extended license. Do I need a premium license?
Both versions include the quick-start package.

Regards, AS Team.
Hello, I have already installed the free version, I want to remove the copyright (As tamplate Design info), can I pay you and remove it?, I dont want to instal the paid version because we did some changes in the css files...
best regards
Yes you can, please contact us using the following page and ask for removing:

Regards, AS Team.
Hello team,
I have a problem using 2057 with the Custom HTML fields at "as-position-30". I created 2 modules and configured them as described in the howto. Now the second module is set under the first, not side by side. When I configured the article newsflashs at as-position-6, I could configue a "horizonal" usage, but not with the C-HTML. What am I doing wrong? using J3.4.8

Thanks for your help
You set bootstrap columns size for each module to 12 columns, to show 2 modules in one line you have to set the size to 6 columns for each module.

Regards, AS Team.
Hello, I have a problem using the template 2057
In a form on the site there are 3 tabs to fill
but clicking in the second or third tab is not changed to the tab's content

The link to see this problem is:
Click on "Register as a Teacher"
There are three tabs "General", "Photo", "Bio"
By clicking on them, it is not modified.

I tested with the standard template in which case the tabs work perfectly
Thanks for helping me.
We are sorry, the comments support is not available for your subscriptions as indicated here:
You might want to upgrade your membership to get support via comments.

Regards, AS Team.
hello as team,

please send me the modul configuration link for this template like this.

best regards marco
hello as team,

and please send me a link with the modul possitions like this..


best regards marco
Hello MAHU1976,
Here is it:

Regards, AS Team.
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