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Hello Templatemesh,
I suppose there is a new Helix system plug-in avaiable. I can not update form back-end.
Thanks in forward.
Regards, Grafiek
Hello Templatemesh,
Thanks for explination. But some problems appear after 'find updates'.
This text is displaying in the box:
Update: Kan updatesite #8 "Parallax Slider Update" niet openen, URL:
Update: Kan updatesite #12 "System - Helix Framework" niet openen, URL:
A little translation for you; Warning. 'Can not open updatesite.....'
Hello Templatemesh,
After some updates (and j3.5) the portfolio at the frontpage is not working properly anymore. If you click at a name in the filter the homepage is loaded again.
How i can fixed this? Thanks in forward.
Hello, Its working. Not properly, I think because the too much amound items, after clicking on the load more button. The lower items are disappeared under the module underneath. After once a time filtering and back for all its displaying fine.
There was no update message in the backend so i didn't know there was.
The language changes i can do on my own.
I ask a question, but status is still pending...
Hello PCMShaper,
1 - I have renewed my license. The question is what is in the new update, which files i have to update with ftp?
2 - At templates>advanced>cache settings. There is the switch to put on CSS compression and Javascript compression.
* Is it useful to putt on to get faster loading?
* If switched on and the site is not working properly, can i switch off without harming the site?
3 - The module item (at home) 'Maintop' is not well responsive at mobile devices. If i use text, it's displaying under each other. It is a very high column. You can see it at my site.
Thanks in forward.
Best regards,

@2 > How i can update System - Helix framework plug from 2.2 to 2.3?
@3 > I have added it. does it need to a specific row? It does work properly. It is still a very high column with all the text under each orther. Try yourself:-)
Please advise.
Hi PCMShaper,
Did you receive my post from 04-07?
Can I make the Header transparent?
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