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When I install the quick start, it returns an error:
You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near DROP TABLE IF EXISTS `klvjp_acymailing_config`' at line 1 SQL= DROP TABLE IF EXISTS `klvjp_acymailing_config`

how can I solve that?
Hello SIWEI0607,
We think you have some misconfiguration on your localhost, try to install it on your live server.

Regards, AS Team.
How do I change the pictures in AS ArtSlider Home
Hello SHIMON0545511985,
All images you can find on your server in the following folder:

Regards, AS Team.
I wrote down details designated place
Hello SHIMON0545511985,
We are sorry, not quite understand your question.

Regards, AS Team.
Their request me to input data on the site to see the problems that exist in the template. I wrote down details in the appropriate place.
Hello SHIMON0545511985,
Please check your site, now everything should be fine.

Regards, AS Team.

What should I do to make articles (in module as-position 6) directly open in the page? I mean just like the articles in menu "our services". When you click read more, the articles open directly in the page.

The other questions is how to change the font into another font?

I checked on fonts.php, but there are many codes there. So which part of font do I need to replace if I want my entire article fonts to be changed?

Thanks in advance
1. For each article you want to be open in separate page you have to add a menu item, in this case you will have an option to assign or not assign modules to your articles.
2. You can create your own css and put it in the style.custom.css file.

Regards, AS Team.
Hello, tell me where to change the link (or where it is stored) of this section on main page

<div class = "img-intro-left">
<a href="/index.php/XXXXXX/zzzzzzzzz">
</ div>

Hello SELMAX828,
This is a part of Joomla CMS, if you will change the link it will be changed on all pages, our suggestion is to put your image in the intro text area of your article with your custom link.

Regards, AS Team.
My site is not Things out of place. yet correctly at the entrance to the mobile
Things out of place.
Menu. The text. And pictures
Hello SHIMON0545511985,
Can you please provide us with more info and screenshots with all the problems?

Regards, AS Team.
Hi AS team,
I bought this wonderful template and i am satisfied, but could you tell me, please how can I put labels in Bulgarian language in the contact form. Thanks
Have you installed Bulgarian support in your Joomla admin language panel? After installing it everything should be translated.

Regards, AS Team.
I bought this template. Is the AS Slider Login in the Template or do i have to purchase it?
Or is there any kind of a buildin solution for a slyder login in the menue?
No, the slider login is not included in the template.

Regards, AS Team.
How can I attach screenshots?
Hello SHIMON0545511985,
You can upload it on your server and provide us with url.

Regards, AS Team.
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