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I just tried, still not working. I made changes on php.ini as you suggest. I am working with joomla for years and this is the first template that have this kind of problem.
As I need template ASAP, I cant wait too long for new package. Please give me further instructions, possible release date or money back.
Thank you.
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I don't see any changes and i don't want to wait any more. I pay for functional template which you obviously cant provide, please return money.
I would like to have it like in demo version with demo content as you promised. You just installed the template on fresh joomla.
We have facing some problems on theme installation. In your theme template(unzip_me_first_014041020580v003_medical), file name called "" not working properly.

When we trying to install Joomla site.. Installation procedure of Joomla not ending.. Its stuck on Final step.

Screenshot Inline images 1

At present( we have just added only template file,not entire theme features.So we are not able to add some features like Grid Blog, Recent works etc...
I purchased this template doesn't it come with dummy images/
please let me know as I really don't understand what I payed for
kind regards Gerry
can you tell me how to install quick start package.

Thank you

I can't install the quickstart package. I tried to rise up de max_execution_time, even change the database motor between MyIsam and InnoDB, but nothing works.

I don´t mind to send you the admin access to put my web like demo shows
I solve all this problems with this template.. and i "install" successfull on my localhost and my hosting service. the first step is replace in all sql files include this source installation/sql/mysql. This files are: joomla.sql , sample_blog.sql , sample_brochure.sql and sample_data.sql in each file I had to replace the followin word #__ this word is before each table's name and you have to replace for a variable in configuration.php this variable is
public $dbprefix = 'vu6tg_'; for example. So when I finish the replace task I create a DataBase on my phpmyadmin and I run all SQL files that I mentioned.
So the next Step is copy the configuration.php file on the root directory and configure the followin variables
public $dbtype = 'mysql';
public $host = 'localhost';
public $user = 'root';
public $password = '';

and run the next SQL command on your database:

UPDATE vu6tg_users SET password = '4b2bb153bf50b37396796b3618e007f9:ps4JFUhrGSh4RxSJeaEuLfcc9QcRjuRv' WHERE vu6tg_users.username = 'admin';

Next you can into as Administrator with this credentials:

User: admin
Pass: admin

I hope this method resolve your problem with this template. Bye

I Selected a logo image (png file), but it is not displayed at the front end.
Is there a solution to that?

Thank you

Kind Regards
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