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This template has a lot of mistakes, underdeveloped. During the installation i get an error and installation not working. Joomla ver 3.3.1
ANDRZEJUMEL is right. installer is way buggy. lots of problems once installed. t3 won't upgrade. js errors abound. REVO slider wont work. etc. I have spent hours patching and fixing problems. fix one another pops up. Please refund my money. The only reason I bought it was I thought it would save me time from creating my own template. I could have built a template from scratch in the time I have wasted. Refund my money immediately!
Can i know where should i send the support ticket or email that i can send the picture attachment to get the support? Firstly i can't install like others, Once i download the file i extract and start my Installation.... i using MYSQL, i change the \installation\sql\mysql\joomla.sql 'ENGINE=InnoDB' to 'ENGINE=MyIsam' and in php.ini i change the max_execution_time = 200 and choose 'Default english sample data' as my sample data. Cannot install!! when creating database, it will automatic back to overview page! In the other way round, i install a fresh copy of Joomla Version 3.3.3, using phpmyadmin import the sample_data.sql and copy the configuration.php from the fresh copy to proxima quickstart folder and point to the same Database. THERE IS A BUNCH OF ERROR! Please guide!!! i'm using fews hours to solve! I hope i can hear from your side as soon as possible.
Alright, i just received your email. Thanks for your quick reply. will let you know the status~ thank you very much. Appreciated.
I just reply your email with error attachment, i done the restoration. But still there is bunch of error. Please guide
There is few more error~ i send you the attachment 22/8/2014 10.08AM GMT +8. I not yet receive any feedback yet from PRIMERTEMPLATES. This is an urgent case, please guide!

When I use megamenu generator, I am not able to have parent item active when a child is clicked.

Can somebody help me with this?

I don't find the code where the menu is created.

<ul class="nav navbar-nav level0">
<li data-hidewcol="1" data-alignsub="left" data-level="1" data-id="102" class="dropdown mega mega-align-left sub-hidden-collapse">
<a data-toggle="dropdown" data-target="#" href="/.../..." class=" dropdown-toggle">PARENT ITEM<b class="caret"></b></a> /* this is parent item I want to active */

<div data-width="850" style="width: 850px;" class="nav-child dropdown-menu mega-dropdown-menu"><div class="mega-dropdown-inner">
<div class="row">
<div data-width="6" class="col-xs-6 mega-col-nav"><div class="mega-inner">
<ul class="mega-nav level1">
<li data-group="1" data-level="2" data-id="103" class="mega mega-group">
<span data-target="#" class=" dropdown-header mega-group-title separator">TITLE</span>

<div class="nav-child mega-group-ct"><div class="mega-dropdown-inner">
<div class="row">
<div data-width="6" class="col-xs-6 mega-col-nav"><div class="mega-inner">
<ul class="mega-nav level2">
<li data-level="3" data-id="104" class="active"> /* This is the actived item */
<a data-target="#" href="/.../..." class="">ITEM 1</a>

<li data-level="3" data-id="105" class="">
<a data-target="#" href="/.../..." class="">ITEM 2</a>

<li data-level="3" data-id="106">
<a data-target="#" href="/.../..." class="">ITEM 3</a>

<li data-level="3" data-id="112">
<a data-target="#" href="/.../..." class="">ITEM 4</a>


Thank you and best regards
Editing my last post...

The problem happen with "alias menu items".

Normal items are active when child item is active but if I use alias menu item, there are not shown as active when click on a child.
Hey i want to buy this template. Are all the bugs out and does it work with the newest Joomla version?

Is there a tutorial of the installation?

Thank you.


I installed the website but check
What is wrong and how do I make it normal again. I also cant login in backend (dont see login screen).

Thank you so much for helping
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